Starting of a bot

By Epic on Jun 25, 2011

Got bored and made a starting of a "cash" themed bot, something similar to some cashbots in swiftirc network iv seen, not as complex or complete, and not made to be some sort of a clone of any such bots.

this is just a basic idea/way to go about doing a couple commands cash related that I thought some hawkee members in need of a project could do

to use:
put into a remote
make a cash.txt file for messages on how you get the cash
edit the sloppy code :p

on $*:TEXT:*:#: {
  if ($regex($1,/^[!.@](cash)/Si)) {
    if (!$hget(cash,$nick)) {
      var %output $iif($left($1,1) == @,.msg #,.notice $nick)
      var %cash $r(100,1000)
      var %timeleft $r(300,500)
      var %msg $read(cash.txt)
      var %newcash $calc($readini(cash.ini,$nick,cash) + %cash)
      %output $nick %msg $ $+ %cash $+ , $nick now has $ $+ %newcash
      hadd -mz cash $nick %timeleft
      writeini -n cash.ini $nick cash %newcash
    else {
      .notice $nick you still need to wait $duration($hget(cash,$nick))
  if ($regex($1,/^[!.@](lot)/Si)) {
    if ($readini(cash.ini,$nick,cash) < 100) { .notice $nick you need at least $100 to buy a lot | halt }
    if (!$hget(lot,$nick)) {
      var %go $r(1,10)
      var %output $iif($left($1,1) == @,.msg #,.notice $nick)
      var %pmoney $readini(cash.ini,$nick,cash)
      writeini -n cash.ini $nick cash $calc(%pmoney - 100)
      var %lot $readini(cash.ini,lot,amnt)
      if (%go != 10) {
        var %left $calc(%pmoney - 100)
        %output $nick buys a lot for $ $+ 100 but loses, $nick now has $ $+ %left left. The Pot now contains $ $+ %lot
        hadd -mz lot $nick $r(1200,2400)
      elseif (%go == 10) {
        var %m $calc(%pmoney + %lot)
        %output $nick buys a lot for $100 and wins the lottery and the pot containing %lot $+ , $nick now has %m
        writeini cash.ini $nick cash %m
        writeini cash.ini lot amnt $r(1000,2000)
        hadd -mz lot $nick $r(1200,2400)
    else { 
      .notice $nick you still need to wait $duration($hget(lot,$nick)) to buy another lot


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Epic   -  Jul 04, 2011

tbh squabbles comparing scripting pricks is abit annoying, i understand progressive criticism, and welcome it, but saying, i could do this in less lines, or that, just doesnt have a point

napalm`   -  Jul 03, 2011

If I were a young, more smug version of my self, I would code a socket bot that did everything this does in less lines and without the need of a separate mIRC. Unfortunately for the community, I am no longer THAT big of a prick.

Epic   -  Jul 03, 2011

nap: just my style of doing things when its not really an issue using regml or anything, add most simple bots can be used in an mirc itself w/ this loaded in the remote, either on a vps or whatever. other languages i can see the need too but for simple/ my purposes just using this is sufficient, although if multiple mircs would need to be open for alot of bots i could see tht xd

napalm`   -  Jul 01, 2011

I was stepping through that code thinking "why is cash and lot in ()'s if he's not using regml? Good looking out napa182.

Also, a bot is not a second mIRC open with this snippet loaded in remotes. You need to either code a bot using mIRC sockets or an external app using any number of other programming languages.

Epic   -  Jun 27, 2011

lol nah, iv seen a couple bots with this theme, onzinch, cashbot, unogame, so got bored and make a simple 2 command script people can work off of xd

Bielie   -  Jun 26, 2011

also making onzichtbaar now :)?

Epic   -  Jun 25, 2011

oh didnt know $regml worked like that :o always used it as the trigger(cash|lot), not the @!., good to know tho, thanks :)

napa182   -  Jun 25, 2011

If you are going to use regex in your on text events you may as well use $regml()
you could do where $regml(1) would be ! or . or @ and $regml(2) would be cash or lot.

on $*:TEXT:/^([!.@])(cash|lot)\b/iS:#: {

then on ur

$iif($left($1,1) == @,.msg #,.notice $nick)

change it to

$iif($regml(1) = @,.msg #,.notice $nick)

keep at it..

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