kick/ban with a 5 min ban auto release

By H2O on Jun 23, 2011

another handy alias i use. its a kick and ban and the ban auto releases after 5 minutes, and can be edited.
put this in aliases and type /tkick nick and of course you need to be OP to use.

/tkick /ban -u300 # $$1 10 | /kick # $$1 $2-

Again this has nothing to do with the snippet but i have to put more chars.


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Epic   -  Jun 25, 2011

h20, you should just, from now on, like edit 1 post, add onto it, and change the name/info ._.

blackvenomm666   -  Jun 23, 2011

yea thats what i thought. just didnt state it if people ar egoing to post simple aliases at least combine them into one and post them all at one time

xplo   -  Jun 23, 2011

seriousely? this post should be deleted.
why would people post something this small ?

napa182   -  Jun 23, 2011
/tkick ban -ku300 # $$1 10 $iif(!$2,none,$2-)
blackvenomm666   -  Jun 23, 2011

ok well first off you should use brackets. i didnt read it right i dont put my aliases in aliases i put them in remotes so mine are a bit diff anyways you should use brackets AND all the /'s are pointless no need for em

H2O   -  Jun 23, 2011

It works just fine. i use it when someone just needs a time out and needs to leave the channel for awhile.

blackvenomm666   -  Jun 23, 2011

ummm ok first off i doubt this will work. second off why would you have it with a set ban time? make it so you can set the ban time each time or use the set ban time if none is specified

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