Duck Tape Ban

By H2O on Jun 23, 2011

Pretty much what the title says. its a duck tape ban. put this in aliases then its /dtp nick
the person cant say anything for 30 seconds, and that can be edited.there still in the channel and can see whats going on, but no matter what they type or how they type it they cant speak in the channel. handy for mouthy people. You must be OP in channel to use.

edit the -u30 for a longer ban or shorter.

/dtb /ban -u30 $chan $$1 3 | /notice $nick $$1 You have been been silenced for 30 Seconds I hope this makes you change your attitude.


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Epic   -  Jun 25, 2011

some servers have a !tb (tempban) thing for this, although yours seems more "unique"

H2O   -  Jun 23, 2011

Meh close enough for the government i work for

Wade   -  Jun 23, 2011

Duct* Tap Ban...

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