[Simple] Join/Part

By Aha2Y on Jun 21, 2011

Not much to tell about it. This is a !join !part script i made for my eggdrop. Simply use !join #channel and !part #channel

Have fun with it.

bind pub m !join pub_join
proc pub_join {nick host handle chan arg} {
 channel add [lindex $arg 0]
 puthelp "privmsg $chan :added! $nick"
bind pub m !part pub_part
proc pub_part {nick host handle chan arg} {
 if {![validchan [lindex $arg 0]]} {
  puthelp "privmsg [lindex $arg 0] :That channel doesn't exist!"
  return 0
 channel remove $chan
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Frenetic   -  Oct 05, 2011

Simple yet effective! :) Good job.

yelow79   -  Oct 05, 2011

So if I read this right it looks like it ads and removes channels for the eggie instead of having to telnet in and manually add or remove the channels? Is that correct?

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