Spotify Recorder

By zenx on Jun 05, 2011

Records & encodes songs from spotify to your HDD as you play them.



control_c() {
        killall -q arecord lame
        exit 0

trap control_c SIGINT
trap control_c SIGTERM

cd "$musakansio"
echo "" > .sp

while true

        currsong="`xwininfo -root -tree|grep -o "Spotify - .*:" |sed 's/Spotify - //' |sed 's/\"://' |sed 's/ /_/g'`"
        filesong="`cat .sp`"

        if [[ "$currsong" != "$filesong" && "$currsong" != "" ]]; then
                tempsong="`echo $currsong |sed 's/–/-/g'`"
                if [ ! -f "$tempsong.mp3" ]; then
                        artist="`echo $tempsong |cut -d '-' -f1 |sed 's/_/ /g'`"
                        song="`echo $tempsong |cut -d '-' -f2- |sed 's/_/ /g' |sed 's/ //'`"
                        killall -q arecord
                        echo "$currsong" > .sp
                        echo -ne "                                                                                                                                           \r"
                        echo -ne "Recording $currsong \r"
                        echo "$tempsong" >> "$musakansio/biisit.txt"
                        arecord -q -f dat | lame --quiet --ta "$artist" --tt "$song" -m j -V 4 -q 3 --lowpass 17 --abr "$abitrate" - "$tempsong.mp3" > /dev/null &1>/dev/null

        sleep 0.5



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iota   -  Apr 25, 2013

./ line 22: s/"://: No such file or directory
Mind a bit of a tutorial?

nem   -  May 18, 2012

i got past that, care to update the script?? they no longer display the titles in the same way they did and your script returns ----.mp3 as song title all the time

nem   -  May 18, 2012

nem@home:~/spotify$ ./
lame: unrecognized option -------------.mp3

what is the lame options i can remove or change to make this work on debian??

Jordyk19   -  Jun 06, 2011

That's just awesome.

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