MIRC Phone Book

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Jun 05, 2011
Updated  Jun 05, 2011


Phone book in MIRC i thought might be usefull.
Again wraith did help me code but i did the rest. Alias DD2 {
dialog -mdo DD2 DD2
dialog DD2 {
title "Dialog"
icon icons\264.ico, 0
size -1 -1 327 205
option pixels notheme
list 1, 1 27 325 100
edit "", 2, 1 109 325 54, vsbar center
button "Add", 3, 3 162 65 25
button "Remove", 4, 72 162 65 25
button "Close", 11, 208 161 65 25
text "By Justin AKA Tweek", 7, 92 188 153 17, center
text "Phone Number's", 8, 113 11 100 17, center
text "Names", 9, 12 11 100 17, center
text "Address", 10, 215 11 100 17, center
On *:Dialog:DD2:*:*:{
if ($devent == InIt) {
If ($devent == Sclick) {
If ($did = 3) {
write DD2.txt $did(2)
Did -a $dname 1 $did(2)
if ($did = 11) {
dialog -x $dname $dname
If ($did = 4) {
Write -dl $+ $did(1).sel dd2.txt
did -d $dname 1 $did(1).sel
Alias dd2.read {
var %x 1
While (%x <= $lines(dd2.txt)) {
Did -a DD2 1 $Read(DD2.txt,%x)
Inc %x


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napa182   -  Jun 05, 2011
also for ur close button no need to do

if you do ur button like so

you can also do the open alias like this

just so you dont get anyone bitching about a open error

you should as well add some checks if anything is entered to add or remove so it wont error on that as well.
Remember to add error checks when making a snippet. Think of any/everything that can an will go wrong with it.
checks as in if name, phone number, and address is entered.
when you say "Again wraith did help me code but i did the rest." what is the rest that you did, and what is the code wraith did?
One more thing you may want to add a scroll bar cuz if you input all the info you cant read it all without scrolling.
Tweek   -  Jun 05, 2011
o ok yea ill do that... thanks
Jethro   -  Jun 05, 2011
I'm surprised he didn't know what I mean. Check out the help file for the filter command. The filter is supposed to work faster than looping through the $lines() with $read()

You can try it out and see for yourself if you're in doubt.
Tweek   -  Jun 05, 2011
ok that confused me lol i even asked writh and he dident know what you ment
Jethro   -  Jun 05, 2011
Tweek, you don't need the dd2.read alias with the while loop. Use the filter command and its -fo switch:
Then you can remove the dd2.read alias, making your snippet a bit smaller and compact. Keep it up.
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