xyz url capture

By nnaivee on Jun 01, 2011


this code opens an @window on the desktop with urls captured from chat and allows you to either open the link or close the window

doesnt require profontwindows but it looks better with it.. also dimensions are based on profontwindows

;google profontwindows, download and install

on *:text:*http*:*:{
  qq $matchtok($1-,http,1,32)

alias qq {
  set %xurl $1-
  window -c @xyz
  window -dap +d @xyz $calc($mouse.dx - 9) $calc($mouse.dy - 8) 333 16

;change profontwindows below to arial if you dont have the font installed

  drawtext @xyz 0 profontwindows 9 6 0 x   o
  drawtext @xyz 0 profontwindows 9 36 0 %xurl

menu @xyz {
    if ($inrect($mouse.x,$mouse.y,0,0,18,18) == $true) {
      window -c @xyz
    if ($inrect($mouse.x,$mouse.y,18,0,18,18) == $true) {
      run %xurl
      window -c @xyz


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Jethro   -  Jun 02, 2011

Wader, your regex pattern may need to be improved a tad more to reduce fallacy to the minimum as possible:

Wader   -  Jun 02, 2011

This is what i have been using for quite some time.

on $*:TEXT:/(www\.|http\x3A\x2F\x2F)([^\s]+)/iS:#: {
  if (!$window(@links)) { .window -n @links }
  .window -g2 @links
  .aline @links $+($timestamp,) $+(14,$nick) $+(06,$chr(124),14) $chan $+(06,$chr(124),14) $1-

Its matches all links where they are prefixed with http://www. or just www.

Jethro   -  Jun 01, 2011

mIRC already has an inbuilt URL capture feature.

/help url catcher

You can then bring a URL window to focus (Alt+U) and see the urls captured.

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