By reider45 on May 29, 2011

Here is a command that when you type something in your chat ex. !rawr your sponsors will come up :D

Edit the parts: [yourcommandwordhere]
sponsor 1
sponsor 2
sponsor 3
sponsor 4
sponsor 5
sponsor 6
sponsor 7
You can replace these words with whatever you want, it can also be used as something other than for sponsors.

on *:TEXT:[yourcommandwordhere]:#:{
  if ($nick isop #) {
    msg $chan We currently have [#ofsponsors]
    .timer 1 2 msg $chan --> sponsor 1
    .timer 1 4 msg $chan -->sponsor 2 
    .timer 1 6 msg $chan --> sponsor 3
    .timer 1 8 msg $chan --> sponsor 4
    .timer 1 10 msg $chan -->sponsor 5
    .timer 1 12 msg $chan --> sponsor 6
    .timer 1 14 msg $chan --> sponsor 7
  else {.notice $nick you not authorized to use this command } 


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Wade   -  May 30, 2011

Practice and logic :)

Alot of it is practice, familiarizing yourself with alot of the identifiers helps.

reider45   -  May 30, 2011

hey dude where did u learn all of this advanced scripting?????? Jethro_?

Jethro   -  May 29, 2011

You can use a while loop with one second delay like this:

if ($nick isop #) && (!%antispam) {
    set -u7 %antispam $true
    msg # We currently have [#ofsponsors]
    var %i 1
    while %i <= 7 {
      .timer 1 %i msg # --> sponsor %i
      inc %i
  else {
    .notice $nick you not authorized to use this command 

so you don't have to repeat msg # all the way from 1 to 7, along with several timers jotted down.

Jethro   -  May 29, 2011

Wader, you need a value for %antispam when you use /set:

set -u5 %antispam $true

You can use /inc so you don't have to.

Wade   -  May 29, 2011
on $*:TEXT:/^[!@.]sponsor(s)?/iS:#: {
  if ($nick isop $chan) && (!%antispam) {
    set -u5 %antispam
    .msg $chan We currently have [#ofsponsors] - [sponsor1] [sponsor2] [sponsor3] [sponsor4]
  else { .notice $nick You are not authorised to use this command }

My take with a 5 sec antispam so the bot doesnt get flooded off the server.

reider45   -  May 29, 2011

well i use this and it wont happen because only mods can use it.

dsabecky   -  May 29, 2011

I'd strongly recommend stacking "sponsors" in a single message to prevent spam.

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