Array peek

By sean on May 27, 2011

string array_peek( array $a, string $k )
This function returns a string of the next key in sequential order of $a, delimited by $k. Useful when iterating through an array. and needing to "peek ahead" of a key.

$a - The array (haystack)
$k - the key prior to expected result (needle)


$a = array('x' => 1, 'i' => 2, 'g' => 3, 'k' => 4, 'l' => 5);
echo array_peek($a, 'x');

The above example will output:

function array_peek($a, $k) {
  foreach($a as $x => $v) {
    if (isset($h)) return $x;
    if ($x == $k) $h = 1;


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Korvin   -  Oct 03, 2011
function array_peek($a,$k) {
    return (array_search($k,$a)!=count($a)-1?$a[array_search($k,$a)+1]:false);

That's how I'd do it =]

sean   -  May 30, 2011

lol yup, how ya been m8?

and thanx :)

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  May 29, 2011

Geez, Sean, your still around???

Nice, Simple and Easy. Great job :)

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