RuneScape Adventurer's Log Viewer

By Savage_CL on May 23, 2011

Alog Alias.
Uses Runescript parsers (thanks guys!)
type /alog to use!

that's about it

leave me a memo on SwiftIRC if ya want to tell me about it, or join #savage_CL on said network :P

;Alog Script
alias alog {
  if ($1 != $null) {
    set %name $replace($1-,$chr(32),$chr(95))
    echo -a Please Wait...
    sockopen alog 80
  else { $input(You must enter an RSN!,wo,Adventurer's Log) }
on *:SOCKOPEN:alog:{
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET $+(/lookup.php?type=alog&user=,%name) HTTP/1.0
  sockwrite -n $sockname Host: $+ $crlf $+ $crlf  
on *:SOCKREAD:alog:{
  if ($sockerr) return
  sockread %t
  while ($sockbr) {
    tokenize 32 %t
    if ($left($1,9) == ACTIVITY:) { set %temp $2- | goto end }
    elseif ($left($1,6) == ERROR:) { echo 9 -aei3 $2- | HALT }
    else { sockread %t }
  sockclose alog
  parser %temp
alias -l parser {
  echo 13 -a Adventurer's Log data for: %name
  var %data $1-
  tokenize 59 %data
  var %total $0
  var %temp 1
  while (%temp <= %total) {
    tokenize 124 [ $ $+ [ %temp ] ]
    var %date $+($left($2,3),$chr(32),$right($2,-3))
    echo -a 4 %date $+ : 9 $1
    tokenize 59 %data
    inc %temp
  unset %temp
  unset %t
  unset %name
  echo -a DONE!


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Savage_CL   -  Dec 24, 2011

@cptpan If you don't know what an Adventurer's Log is, it's not for you >.>

cptpan   -  Dec 19, 2011

Why are people posting shit but not explaining what hte fuck it is

poborski   -  May 25, 2011

hey well yea its like jethro_ said but thanks thought im gona try to do it

about ur script its great i think a defname incorporated on it would stay good 2

Savage_CL   -  May 25, 2011


Jethro   -  May 25, 2011

You can't really blame a "savage," my dear. lol

napa182   -  May 25, 2011

lol @ Savage_CL's last comment

Jethro   -  May 25, 2011

You sounded as if you have blown a fuse, Savage. I think proborski was asking for this code to be triggered by other people, which, in turn, it's not hard to do so to call the alias and be triggered by a text event. proborski just didn't know how, and that's why he asked for help.

P.S. you call yourself a savage, so I'm unaware whether you're easily provoked....:p

Savage_CL   -  May 25, 2011

isnt there a way to put alog like this
so everyone on are abble to check aswell?

There are some things I need to say about this:

I don't use regex
I don't rewrite your codes, don't rewrite mine. I'll take suggestions but that's a bit much
$getsource is not a valid identifier, nor will it be, because Identifiers can only return one line
The description clearly states that this is an ALIAS
You aren't on, that is a website.
You are either on SwiftIRC (the network) or (the global server url)

poborski   -  May 25, 2011

isnt there a way to put alog like this

on $*:TEXT:/^[!@.]alog/Si:#: {
var %o = $iif($left($1,1) == @,msg #,.notice $nick)
var %q = $getsource( $+ $iif($2,$2,%defname [ $+ [ $address($nick,3) ] ]))
echo -a %q
%o %q

so everyone on are abble to check aswell?

Jethro   -  May 24, 2011

You're encouraged to use the sockmark and $sock().mark instead of setting global variables here and there, then having them unset at the end.

Using /sockmark puts the data in a temporary storage for later reference with $sock().mark, and the storage space is eliminated by itself after socket has finished its required task.

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