Simple on join greet

By Ville on Mar 19, 2005

Normally for a bot ( paste to remotes ALT+R )

on 1:join:#:{ .notice $nick Welcome to # $nick $+ .  }


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supergeo   -  Mar 22, 2005

Yes I agree which is why I rated it a 2 but this could be the basis for someone\'s code, which is one thing this snippets section was made for. So now, maybe a new scripter could see it here and be able to start what they want done from it. I agree that it can be easily found in the mIRC section but it could be a good basis for code.

Yoinx   -  Mar 20, 2005

being that this is almost verbatim from the help file..... Its not much of a snippet.

supergeo   -  Mar 20, 2005

you could change the 1 to a * so that it wouuld occur for any level person.

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