By PoiXon on Mar 18, 2005

this script may be useless to some/many people but ive seen in the forums that some people have wanted a script that when they type !topic topic it will change the topic so heres a script that when people type !topic colour topic or !topic blocks topic or !topic fag topic or !topic smilies topic or to get it normally !topic normal topic just to help some people =)


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RevJohn Straub   -  Aug 19, 2010

PoiXon over does every snippit abit but he is easy to learn from

DarthReven   -  Mar 20, 2005

any script can be overdone in a manor of speaking, but as i said \"overdone for my liking\"

supergeo   -  Mar 20, 2005

how can a script really be overdone? :) This script is excellent

Ville   -  Mar 19, 2005

Not bad at all.

DarthReven   -  Mar 19, 2005

its over done for my liking PoiXon, but it works well nice job

PoiXon   -  Mar 18, 2005

lol, thanks =)

supergeo   -  Mar 18, 2005

wow only PoiXon could overdo a topic script... excellent work!!! You seem to be catching on to colors lately.... For what it\'s designjed to do, it goes beyond the call. Perfect 10 from me. (only second \"10\" I\'ve given out I believe)

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