Computer Info

By supergeo on Mar 16, 2005

I made the following snippet to show how you can even find info about your computer out with mIRC.

/os shows your operating system
/ip echoes your ip
/uh echoes your user host

So there you go, you can even use mIRC to find about your computer!!!

os { say $me your Operating System is $os $+ . }
 ip { echo # $me $+ , your ip is $ip $+ . }
 uh { echo # $me $+ , your user host is $host $+ . }


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Marshtomp   -  Dec 05, 2006

Just one thing, add /alias or tell the people that is an ailas file.

Ville   -  Mar 19, 2005

Very neat, very basic, very good. Goodwork.

supergeo   -  Mar 17, 2005

lol thanks. It\'s really basic though :)

log2   -  Mar 17, 2005

not a bad snippet supergeo... infact... I\'m going to put something like this in Calc V2.0

supergeo   -  Mar 16, 2005

lol oops hit wrong button... was kinda in a hurry to get out the door.

xDaeMoN   -  Mar 16, 2005

That should be $host not $hosr

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