An Amsg Script!

By Epic on May 02, 2011

Just another me getting bored made a script script lol

Just a personal /amsg script

used $c3 for the colorsso you could change then around, just change the number in it with w.e 1 you wanna do and just do /amsg Texthere

Feel free to make it more colorful and do whatever :s

alias c3 return $+($chr(3),14,$1-)
Alias Amsg {
inc %amsg
.amsg \o/ Amsg \o/ $c3($1-) \o/ Amsgs Sent %amsg \o/


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Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  May 02, 2011


Epic   -  May 02, 2011

lol those servers must be harsh, but yeah most of the time they get annoying, but only server i use at the moment is SwiftIrc where its not too bad, but the snippet was more or less just to give people a simple base to a modified /amsg, but in future scripts like this i'll be sure to add that in napa :)

napa182   -  May 02, 2011

you may want to add in ur Description that on some servers amsg snippets are annoying an can get you zlined. Just a heads up.

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