Simple Idle Part for Bots

By Epic on May 01, 2011

Simple-ish Bot idle part iv used in past bot projects, does the job for most cases needed, can change the time and the message

Just replace all the #'s with the channel you want aka staff chan if your into that sort of thing

Or change the alias staffchan return #channelhere with ur chan

All goes into a Remote file (Alt+R)
Any questions/suggestions to make it more efficient just post please :)

;The Trigger
on $*:TEXT:/^[.!@]Idle/Si:#chanhere: {
  msg $staffchan Now parting all idle channels

;The Actual script
alias idlepart {
  var %x $chan(0)
  while (%x) {
    if ($nick($chan(%x),$me).idle > 86400) {
      if (!$istok(#chan1 #chan2,$chan(%x),32)) {
        Part $chan(%x) Idle for 1 Day or more. If you believe this was a mistake please reinvite.
        msg $staffchan Parting $chan(%x) because of idle time: $duration($nick($chan(%x),$me).idle)   
    dec %x

;The alias for $staffchan
alias Staffchan return #channelhere


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Epic   -  May 02, 2011

thanks jethro_ i changed it to that :)

Wade   -  May 01, 2011

hmm handy ;) cheers :P

Jethro   -  May 01, 2011

You might want to use the $duration()


so it gives you the mins and secs instead of a range of numbers. Other than that, nice job.

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