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By Epic on Apr 28, 2011

This is a little script i made when i use to have mirc open, but wasnt on it, say like on youtube or w.e

This script does a little popup in corner of your screen, like in mirc when u disconnect/ other things

Just replace the 'Nick' with yournick, and if you wanna add more just seperate with |

Simple but it gets my attention lol, hope it works for whoever uses it

on $*:TEXT:/('nick')/Si:#:{
  noop $tip(Hey, Highlight, $nick mentioned your name in $Chan, 4)


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G4ME   -  Apr 03, 2012

NVM i got!

G4ME   -  Apr 01, 2012

Is there a way to include the message?

Epic   -  Apr 30, 2011

SunnyD: the 'nick' was because i was having different things highlight me like my IRC nick, my real name, or some nickname that was given to me :p
and Jethro_ ,thanks for that regex, i'll try it out see if it fits my needs :)

Jethro   -  Apr 29, 2011
on $*:TEXT:$(/( |^)\Q $+ $replacecs($me,\E,\E\\E\Q) $+ \E( |$)/Si):#:{

This regex is foolproof and will not trigger with any character attached in front or at the end, works within a sentence, and literally no false positives. The best one I approve of.

Sorasyn   -  Apr 29, 2011

Instead of putting 'nick' you could just fill it in with $me

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