Google books

By xbox_gamer1 on Apr 28, 2011

Here Is a script for Google books

Now heres how it works!!!

!googlebooks the three little pigs Searching For the three little pigs [GoogleBooks] -> Just Add it into your remotes tab and start searching Enjoy!!! ```mirc *******Made by - xbox_gamer1********* ****************************************** ****************************************** on *:TEXT:!googlebooks*:#:{ .msg $chan Searching For $$2- .timer 1 4 msg $chan [GoogleBook] -> $+(,$replace($$2-,$chr(32),+)) } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Add with flood on *:TEXT:!googlebooks*:#:{ if (!%goo) { inc -u4 %goo .msg $chan [GoogleBook] -> $+(,$replace($$2-,$chr(32),+)) } } thanks to Jethro_ :) ```


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xbox_gamer1   -  Apr 30, 2011

@jethro i think i will add that too alot of my scripts to much flooding


Sorasyn   -  Apr 28, 2011

Agreed. It it s a little misleading to state that you're searching for a book when all it does is take a base URL and add an extension lol.

xbox_gamer1   -  Apr 28, 2011

okay thanks still learning about the flood

Jethro   -  Apr 28, 2011

It's sort of pointless to message the channel to search for a book, along with a timer. What you really need is a trigger flood, and that's what matters the most though, as you don't want to get flooded off or banned when someone send you multiple triggers at a time:

on *:TEXT:!googlebooks*:#:{
   if (!%goo) {
   inc -u4 %goo
  .msg $chan [GoogleBook] -> $+(,$replace($$2-,$chr(32),+))
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