Address/host finder

By Epic on Apr 26, 2011

This is a script that one of my old friends gave me that i edited, thought id share with hawkee

its a address finder, type /find Address@w.e.we or something and itll search chans for u and find all similar channels

P.s, if anyone can also make it work for nicks aswell as address, id be happy :p

alias find {
  if (@ isin $1) && (!$2) {
    var %x 1,%m,%ticks $ticks
    echo -a $alert Searching4 $chan(0) channels,4 $calc($regsubex($str(~,9),/./g,$nick($chan(\n),0) +)) people..
    while (%x <= $chan(0)) {
      var %xx 1
      while (%xx <= $nick($chan(%x),0)) {
        var %nick $nick($chan(%x),%xx)
        if ($1 iswm $address($nick($chan(%x),%xx),5)) {
          if (!$istok(%ret,%nick,32)) { echo -a $alert Match found:4 %nick ( $+ $replace($gettok($address(%nick,5),2,33),@,@,.,.4,:,:4) $+ ) $regsubex($str(~,$comchan(%nick,0)),/./g,$+($chr(3),$iif(%nick isop $comchan(%nick,\n),4@,$iif(%nick ishop $comchan(%nick,\n),8%,$iif(%nick isvoice $comchan(%nick,\n),12+))),$chr(3),4,$comchan(%nick,\n) $chr(32)))) | inc %m }
          var %ret %ret %nick
        inc %xx
      inc %x  
    if (!%m) echo -a $alert No matches found.
    else echo -a $alert 4 $+ $bytes(%m,bd) matches found in4 $calc(($ticks - %ticks) /1000) seconds
alias alert { return 4¤ }


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Jethro   -  Apr 27, 2011

The so-called edit changed the arrow alias name to alert and had the control codes replaced with a different style. 99% of the submitted snippet here is a copycat version of what stop has pointed out at the original link. According to the rules, 25% of the code submitted needs to be written by you if I recall correctly. It's also a polite, humble gesture to note the credit where it's due and the original source where the code was taken or borrowed from.

That said, don't beat yourself up over whose snippet this belongs to. Chances the code has been passed down from one to another. MSL is so prevalent these days, and you'll never know for certain who has made the code to begin with.

troll   -  Apr 27, 2011

what exactly does it do

Epic   -  Apr 27, 2011

probably friend got it from him lol, i didnt take credit for making and wasnt aware granty had 1 up aswell

Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  Apr 27, 2011

like it +1

stop   -  Apr 26, 2011
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