By Savage_CL on Apr 25, 2011

Simple rejoin script. Customize the amount of attemps and the timeout between attemps in lines 4 and 5.

; line 4 is the time between tries in seconds change the two to whatever you want.
; line 5 is how many times it should try. change thirty to whatever you want.
alias -l options {
  if ($1 == to) { return 2 }
  if ($1 == tries) { return 30 }
on *:KICK:#:{
  if ($knick == $me) {
    set %kicked. $+ $chan 1
    .timer $+ $chan $options(tries) $options(to) join $chan
    .timerunsetter 1 $calc($options(to) * $options(tries) + 1) unset %kicked. $+ $chan
on *:join:#:{
  if (($nick == $me) && (%kicked. $+ $chan != $null)) {
    unset %kicked. $+ $chan
    .timer $+ $chan off
    .timerunsetter off


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Savage_CL   -  May 15, 2011

Thank you for the suggestions :)

Zmodem   -  Apr 25, 2011

Jethro_: mIRC does, indeed, have an option to do this, however it does not let you specify the options that this one allows, such as how many times to try and how long to wait between tries.

Savage_CL: Instead of using some random, obscure alias name, a589, just use the -l tag in front of it and name it whatever you want. ie:

alias -l rejoin {
  if ($1 == to) { return 2 }
  if ($1 == tries) { return 30 }

The -l switch specifies that this alias is local and cannot be triggered outside of this script.

Also, think about using a period in front of the times, like: .timerunsetter This will ensure that all the timer commands are silent, ie: they won't be shown in your status bar or any other window you have open. If you don't use it, you get things like "timerBLAHBLAH set" or on, or whatever. It's kind of annoying :)

Jethro   -  Apr 25, 2011

I thought mIRC had an option called "Rejoin Channel When Kicked"

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