Top Ten Speaking Users

By [Plornt] on Apr 24, 2011

This adds a command !top10 which shows the top ten most speaking users and the amount of words spoken.

I do realise there is a flaw with the method im using at the moment, specifically the variable size limit and I will change it to bin vars as soon as someone actually manages to hit it.

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  writeini words.ini $chan $nick $calc($readini(words.ini,$chan,$nick) + $0)
  if ($1 == !top10) {
    var %i 1
    while (%i <= $ini(words.ini,$chan,0)) {
      var %w $+(%w,:,$readini(words.ini,$chan,$ini(words.ini,$chan,%i)),-,$ini(words.ini,$chan,%i))
      inc %i
    var %w $sorttok(%w,58,nr)
    var %i 1
    while (%i <= 10) {
      var %q $gettok(%w,%i,58)
      var %win %win $+(%i,.) $gettok(%q,2,45) ( $+  $bytes($gettok(%q,1,45),b) $+ )
      inc %i
    msg $chan Top ten: %win


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dma   -  Nov 01, 2018

how do you re-set it for every month????

dma   -  Sep 10, 2018

I dont think it's that bad... it serves it's purpose since it was never updated

ovelayer   -  Jun 14, 2014

i get line to long on line 6

H0LLYWOOD   -  Oct 24, 2012

it would be nice if this was set to sort by user@host. cause after looking at the ini file. the amount of nicks that could be grouped is noteworthy.

ThE ViPeR   -  Feb 23, 2012

The filter command,Jethro? An the variable on line 6 is messaging to long to set.

[Plornt]   -  Apr 25, 2011

You know what... I actually totally forgot the filter command -.-

Thanks for the tip :)

Jethro   -  Apr 24, 2011

If I were you, I'd have utilized the filter command. It has the ability to sort numerically and specify the range from 1 to 10.

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