*Fixed* channel user id. USEIT!

By naruto on Mar 13, 2005

in this script every one that get in to your channel get added to a list when some one fake in that channel it will be announce that in channel.
to see the registered list type: !id . or !id nick


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Aether   -  Mar 26, 2005

yes... but this is for the community... If it\'s just for you, why submit it? It\'s more efficent to use hash tables or ini files.

naruto   -  Mar 14, 2005

i like to use it... that way.

xDaeMoN   -  Mar 13, 2005

INI files or hash tables should be used for this type of script rather than variables.

naruto   -  Mar 13, 2005

secure your chan well.

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