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By RaZ on Apr 02, 2011

11:06:52am /
11:06:53am /
Raanjhanaa - Title Track ft. Dhanush & Sonam Kapoor - YouTube' ( 2 minutes 22 seconds ) Viewed 1.018.908
11:06:57am /
11:06:58am /
Let's Battle Minecraft S4 #3 [Battlemap/HD/German] - Geht weg :( - YouTube' ( 16 minutes 28 seconds ) Viewed 5.372

package require http 2.4
bind PUBM - * mu
proc mu {nick uhost hand chan text} {
    set web(page)
    set watch [regexp -nocase -- {\/watch\?v\=([^\s]{11})} $text youtubeid]
    if { $watch == 0 } {
        set watch [regexp -nocase -- {youtu\.be\/([^\s]{11})} $text a youtubeid]
        if { $watch == 0 } return
        set youtubeid "/watch?v=$youtubeid"

    set logoo "\002\00301,00You\00300,04Tube\002\017"

    if {$watch && $youtubeid != ""} {
        putlog "$web(page)$youtubeid"
        set agent "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; ru; rv: Gecko/2008070208 Firefox/3.0.1"     
        set t [::http::config -useragent $agent]
        set t [::http::geturl "$web(page)$youtubeid" -timeout 30000]
        set data [::http::data $t]
        ::http::cleanup $t

        set l [regexp -all -inline -- {<title>(.*?)</title>.*?<span class="watch-view-count " >(.*?)</span>} $data]

        regexp {"length_seconds": (\d+),} $data "" length

        foreach {black a b c d e} $l {

            set a [string map -nocase {\&\#39; \x27 &amp; \x26 &quot; \x22} $a]
            set b [string map [list \n ""] $b]
            set c [string map [list \n ""] $c]
            set d [string map [list \n ""] $d]
            set e [string map -nocase {\&\#39; \x27 &amp; \x26 &quot; \x22} $e]

            regsub -all {<.*?>} $a {} a
            regsub -all {<.*?>} $b {} b
            regsub -all {<.*?>} $c {} c
            regsub -all {<.*?>} $d {} d
            regsub -all {<.*?>} $e {} e         

            putserv "PRIVMSG $chan :$a' ( [duration $length] ) Viewed $b"

                proc duration {s} {
                variable etube
                set hours [expr {$s / 3600}]
                set minutes [expr {($s / 60) % 60}]
                set seconds [expr {$s % 60}]
                set res ""

                if {$hours != 0} {append res "$hours hours"}                
                if {$minutes != 0} {append res " $minutes minutes"}
                if {$seconds != 0} {append res " $seconds seconds"}
                return $res



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Ieatscrayons   -  May 19, 2014

I've modified fordlawnmower's script with bits from this one to include length and format it to a human readable format, here's the pastebin for anyone that's interested (thanks RaZ and Fordlawnmower!!) SEE EDIT NOTE)

EDIT: I've updated it to clean the titles of videos, using code from both scripts again; v2 is here:

fred``  -  Aug 31, 2014

Thanks for for your new Version, but it seems like it misses a lot of YT-Links in Channels. For me it works only of ever 3rd/4th-Link.

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Nashman   -  Jul 30, 2012

GJ, but it's not working for me :(
Tcl error [mu]: can't read "youtubeid": no such variable

It worked once .. "Surviving Alone in Alaska' ( 52 minutes 4 seconds ) Viewed 130.058"
then it gave me that error and now it's not working anymore.
Any tips?
Thanks in advance!

Edit: it seems to work now. I had another youtube script running at the same time so that mightve been the issue.
It's still giving me the " Tcl error [mu]: can't read "youtubeid": no such variable" error in the partyline tho.
Any way to fix this? :)

RaZ  -  Apr 25, 2013


set watch [regexp -nocase -- {\/watch\?v\=([^\s]{11})} $text youtubeid]
    if { $watch == 0 } {
        set watch [regexp -nocase -- {youtu\.be\/([^\s]{11})} $text a youtubeid]
        set youtubeid "/watch?v=$youtubeid"


set watch [regexp -nocase -- {\/watch\?v\=([^\s]{11})} $text youtubeid]
    if { $watch == 0 } {
        set watch [regexp -nocase -- {youtu\.be\/([^\s]{11})} $text a youtubeid]
        if { $watch == 0 } return
        set youtubeid "/watch?v=$youtubeid"
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abhi25   -  Sep 20, 2011

great work!!!! iRoc keep it up!! very nice!

RaZ   -  Jul 14, 2011

Update again

RaZ   -  Apr 26, 2011

Update RegExp....

Sorasyn   -  Apr 02, 2011

Ah, I thought it suspicious that 2 snippets of the same language with similar purposes were submitted. In any case nice work to the both of you.

Jethro   -  Apr 02, 2011

This is different from ford's except for the regex trigger part:

[regexp -all -nocase {(\/watch\?v=[\d\w]{11})} $text youtubeid]

Anyway, you both have done a good work fetching the info from youtube. ^^

Sorasyn   -  Apr 02, 2011

Did you just take FordLawnMower's snippet and add to it?

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