By zonirc on Mar 12, 2005

find a file based on the date its being access/created/modified.

Updated version

;Description: find a file based on the date its being  access/created/modified.
;Syntax: $findfilebydate(dir<wildcard>,N,switch,<operator>date)
;        dir is the path of dir where you want it to find any file. If no directory specified, its will check
;        will check on mirc directory
;        <wildcard> is a filename/wildcard of the filename that you wanna  find
;N is the number of file matched that you wanna find, if you  specified 0 for N then it will return
;the total file found. Larger than 0 will return  the Nth file name.
;example: $mircdir*.ini --> will try to find on mirc directory  any file that lasted with .ini
;NOTE: its will return $null if theres are no Nth found file. For example, if it finds 8 total file that
;matched the date and N being specified as 9 then it will return $null.
;switch can be either one or two or all of this:
;        a = file access date
;        c = file creation date
;        m = file modify date
;NOTE: it will only check the 1st switches for the file that matched the date you specified
;  <operator> can be one of this:
;      == will find file on that date only
;      != will find file that not on the specified date
;      => will find file after than or same as the date  specified
;      <= will find file which before or same as the date specified
;      < will find file before than the date specified
;      > will find file after than the date specifed
;date must be in a format that mirc supported. To know what format that mirc supported use
;//echo -a $ctime(<date format>)
;if its return something then it was supported.
; NOTE: if you  doesnt specified time on the date then its will take the current time. 
;           $findfilebydate($mircdir*.ini,0,c,$+(<=,$date)) return total  file(*.ini) that created before or same as today
;   $findfilebydate($mircdir*.ini,4,c,$+(<=,$date)) return 4th file (*.ini) name that created before or same as today
;   $findfilebydate($mircdir*.ini,0,acm,<=12 Jan 2005) return total file(*.ini) that access/created/modified before or same as 12 January 2005
;           $findfilebydate(*.ini,0,m,&#6017;:11:49 12 jan 2005) return total file(*.ini) that modified before 5:11:49 PM 12 jan 2005
;1.2 - 14/07/2005
;- Added default directory
;- Edited error message to look more friendly
;- Now using while loop to check and compare file date
;- Now freed the hash table when finishing which before this just deleted it
;- Fixed operator error
;- Added 1 more operator which is !=(not equall to)
;1(updated) - 03/13 08:43am:
;- code being edited now which before this found a bug which will not succesfully check either the file access/created/modified date is before/after/same as the date specified. Now its fully functioning. 
;- still in a way to make $file() [ $+ [ $3time ] ] can work however i think it still worth to publish this one.
;First Released - forget when?? :p
alias findfilebydate {
  ;syntax: $findfilebydate(dir<wildcard>,N,switch,<operator>date)
  var %dir = $iif($nofile($1),$v1,$mircdir), %file = $nopath($1), %echo = echo $colour(info) -ast * $!findfilebydate:, %o = $regex($4,^(==|!=|<=|=>|<|>)),  %d = $iif(%o,$ctime($mid($4,$calc($len($regml(1)) + 1))))
  if (!$isid) $replace(%echo,$,/) Unknown Command
  elseif (!$4) %echo Insufficient Parameter - $!findfilebydate(dir<wildcard>,N,switch,<operator>date)
  elseif (!$isdir(%dir)) %echo Directory not exists - %dir
  elseif ($2 !isnum) %echo Invalid 2nd Parameter - $v1
  elseif ($3 !isletter acm) %echo Invalid Switch - $v1
  elseif (!%d) %echo Invalid Last Parameter - $4
  else { 
    var %x = 1, %y = $findfile(%dir,%file,0,hadd -m ffbd $calc($hget(ffbd,0).item + 1) $1-), %z, %t
    while ($hget(ffbd,%x).data) { 
      var %f = $v1, %s = 1
      while (%s <= $len($3)) {
        var %ft = $file(%f). [ $+ [ $left($3,$v1) $+ time ] ], %o = $regml(1)
        if (%ft %o %d) {
          inc %z
        inc %s
      if (%z == $2) break
      inc %x
    %t = $hget(ffbd,$calc(%x ))
    hfree ffbd
    return $iif($2,%t,%z) 


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zonirc   -  Mar 13, 2005

anyway thanx to all that gave a comment and teach me how to edit it thanx all

zonirc   -  Mar 13, 2005

aaaaaaaaaaaa that not correct actually like this c:\\mirc\*.ini

zonirc   -  Mar 13, 2005

well splatted it can search a wildcard file. u just need to use the 1st aprameter like this -->

supergeo   -  Mar 12, 2005

yeah I think it deserves a \"neat rating\"

supergeo   -  Mar 12, 2005

also, you don\'t need to comment the lines in the \"author\'s notes\" section.

supergeo   -  Mar 12, 2005

to the right side there is an \'Edit button\' click on that and edit the code froim there

DarthReven   -  Mar 12, 2005

nice lil addon it could come in handy

Relinsquish   -  Mar 12, 2005

There\'s an \'Edit\' button next to the \'Send Snippet to Clipboard\' button. :)

splatted   -  Mar 12, 2005

I haven\'t tried it, but I look forward to the completed snippet. If it doesn\'t already do so, you may want also to add a custom search for specific file types, such as txt, mpeg etc, which will help narrow down a search

zonirc   -  Mar 12, 2005

sorry guys theres are bugs which i had find after submitting this code here so please ignoring this code since i doesnt knwo how to remove/delete this code here :P

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