GTK example class

By sunslayer on Mar 18, 2011

creates a gui in php with a couple example controls

I couldn't find very many helpful tutorials for GTK, so i hope this helps some people


    class GUI extends GtkWindow {

         * Class constructor
         *  @param int $width       window width
         *  @param int $height      window height
         *  @param int $title       title bar text

        public function __construct($width=400, $height=200, $title="PHP-GTK GUI") {
            // Call parent class constructor

            // Set basic window properties

            // Creates widgets

            // Updates GUI

         * Class destructor
         * Breaks main GTK loop and destroys window

        public function __destruct() {

         * Creates controls used in window

        private function setControls() {

            // Creates new buttons and text label
            $lbl =& new GtkLabel("Hello World!");
            $bOk =& new GtkButton("_Ok");
            $bClose =& new GtkButton("_Close");

            // Bind events to widgets

            // Creates a grid and attaches widgets to it
            $tbl =& new GtkTable(4,2);

            // Adds grid to the window

         * Creates Modal dialog

        public function createDialog() {
            $dialog =& new GtkMessageDialog($this, Gtk::DIALOG_MODAL, Gtk::MESSAGE_WARNING, Gtk::BUTTONS_OK, "PHP-GTK Modal Dialog");
            $dialog->set_markup("<span foreground='blue'>Modal Dialog example</span>");

    if (class_exists("gtk")) { // Checks if GTK module is loaded

        // Creates new instance of class GUI
        new GUI(300,75,"Example Window");

    }   else die("GTK Module not loaded."); // Exit



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