By Spoof on Mar 18, 2011

This script was made with mIRC v6.35
Copy paste into a new remotes file.
Right click in any window to view menu for script.

menu * {
  .Setup:{ set %y $chan | write $mircdirTempinvite %y | echo -a 4 %y was added as invite channel. }
  .Invite:{ set %x $$1 | $read ($mircdir(Tempinvite) | .invite %x %y | unset %x }
  .ClearTempChan:{ write -c $mircdir $+ Tempinvite | echo -a 4 %y was removed from list... | unset %y }
  .ViewInviteChan:{ run notepad.exe Tempinvite }
alias config.myinviter {
  $iif $read($mircdirTempinvite.txt && $exist $mircdirTempinvite.txt == no) 
  timer1 1 2 echo -a 0,1" $+ $mircdirTempinvite.txt $+ " not found, creating now.
  write -l1 " $+ $mircdirTempinvite.txt $+ "
  $iif $read(" $mircdirTempinvite.txt == yes ")
  timer2 1 3 echo -a 0,1" $+ $mircdirTempinvite.txt $+ " was sucessfully created. 
  timer3 1 4 echo -a 0,1---=[ 4Loaded 11[15IRC-Inviter11] 9by 11[Spoof aka Eurynome11] 0]=--- 0,1Right click in a Channel to set it up as the invite channel.
  timer(1,3) off


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Frogskins   -  May 15, 2011

i need inviter script.. full inviter sc .... not remote,. plse.. could someone giv me.. need a good one

Spoof   -  Mar 24, 2011

Noticed another bug with setting invite chan. Added set %y $chan . and put %y in place where it will tell what chan is being set for invite or removed from list. Retested and seems O.K. So if you loaded this script prior to this update , please reload the newest version. Sorry everyone. Happy scripting. : )

Aucun50   -  Mar 19, 2011

That looks great. Very nice work. :)

Spoof   -  Mar 18, 2011

Aucun50 took your advise, I made the alias and retested the script for "write text" into mirc directory. So far its doing what it's supposed to by displaying if the text is or isn't made.
Plus it's writing the file to the directory.
Sorry about the confusion and I don't hate any of Hawkees scripters no matter how harsh a comment.
Yours made me check it more in depth. As you can tell by number of snippet posted, I'm still figuring things out.
So thanks for your input on this script. And happy scripting Hawkee members.

Sorasyn   -  Mar 18, 2011

Not exactly the greatest way to compose an invite menu snippet, but as you stated it does demonstrate use of reading/writing text files which accomplishes your main goal. However this could be accomplished successfully without the text files as it seems it just circumvents the whole invite process. If you're looking to expand it and/or re-create it using some new identifiers, $input() and $findfile() may be of use. :)

The start event usually acts as both a load and a start event, in that the first time a code is loaded it triggers as well as every time you start mIRC.

Aucun50   -  Mar 18, 2011

In case you didn't understand what I was getting at the first time I will explain myself again. I'm not here to make this hard or try and make you look bad. I posted a simple comment with a question, took that comment the wrong way. I'm not blaming anyone for bad coding and scripting nor was I calling you inexperienced with mIRC scripting. I was simply asking if you had missed a alias as you had a command that was like a alias yet no alias to support it. That problem was fixed when Jethro_ cleared up that you can use the "$mircdir" and the file name together without an error, after that I said it wasn't in the right format, not that you did you code all wrong comment but a hint that you might want to change it.

I really don't care if you think I'm being mean and giving you a hard time, everyone has their days. You don't need to go out of your way to try and make me look bad after I basically said I was sorry for the rudeness in my comment I didn't mean it. That in itself is just rude, throwing it back in my face. If you don't like the comments people post on hawkee there is a simple was to fix this... don't post anymore snippets. You will always have someone, I don't care how perfect your code may be but someone will post a hash comment or, like in this case the author of the snippet takes the comment the wrong way.

I don't want to be your enemy but your making this difficult. Your taking one side and sticking with it, that's fine. I'm sorry if my comments offended you in anyway. I have posted snippet and had comments like that myself, some meant to be hash, other I took the wrong way. I moved on and forgot about it. I hope we can put this aside and forget also as I don't want to make enemies or have a group of people dislike me because others. I ask that you forgive me and I will stop posing comments on your snippets if you like.

Spoof   -  Mar 18, 2011

Thanks Jethro.. I changed it. I made this primarily to understand read/writing info to a text file. And yes I meant it to be a text file. It may not be scripted 100% the way you would have done it but its working on my IRC and I'm not having problems. If its upsets you that bad unload it and never use it. Or at least make your comment and leave it at that. Not make 1000 comments expressing how much you dislike it. I've loaded lots of scripts from here that didn't work right and I never saw Aucun50's comments on them... no ones perfect, its why we share things like this on here for feed back possibly to help a person learn right from wrong.

Aucun50   -  Mar 18, 2011

Jethro_, I'm not looking to start a little comment war here, but that wasn't harsh the way I see it. The rules say you need to make sure your snippet it working properly. I didn't mean to come off as a bit of an ass but when you post comments like that saying, I didn't test it and so forth are uncalled for. Simply asking what I was talking about would have been a little better.

As Jethro_ said, you need to add a .txt after your file name or it will be saved in the wrong format. Your Windows may have found and read the file fine but mine gave me an error. As for the blank space in the echo message it might be because your trying to use the variable %y when you never set it, a simple fix.

Jethro   -  Mar 18, 2011

$mircdir $+ Tempinvite.txt

You don't actually need the $+


will get the job done. You should proofread your code before submitting. I mean, we all make mistakes at one point or another. It's best we make sure our codes appear to be as perfect as possible.

Now, some people may comment on your snippet with a somewhat "harsh" tone to pinpoint the fallacy of your script, just ignore that and take that as an incentive for improvement.

Aucun50   -  Mar 18, 2011

I did test it for you information. Your script is bugged. When it writes the file it writes it as a "File" not a "txt" as you have it reading from. Also, your output messages are a little bugged as well.

(blank space) was added as invite channel.

If you took a little time to read and test your script properly you would catch these easy errors. Anyways, I hope that gives you something it think about.

Jethro   -  Mar 18, 2011

Well, the on load event will only trigger if you actually load the code. If someone copies and pastes it directly into their remote, the on load is deemed useless. You should use an on start or on connect event. I'll prefer the on connect event because if people don't restart their mIRC, it'll be doing nothing too.

Spoof   -  Mar 18, 2011

Aucun50.... have to loaded it yet to find out before commenting. It works fine on my 6.35 mIRC.

Aucun50   -  Mar 18, 2011

I think your missing an alias for this script. I was looking and noticed "write $mircdirTempinvite". Unless that is a typo you must have an alias called "$mircdirTempinvite" or this script will not work properly.

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