Hash Replace /hrep

By MoshMage on Mar 08, 2011

for attempting porpuses. it seems /hadd already does it.

alias hrep {
  if ($0 >= 3) {
    if ($hget($1,$2).item == $3-) return 0
    else {
      if ($hget($1,$2)) hdel $1 $2
      hadd $1 $2 $3
      return 1
  else return 0


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MoshMage   -  Mar 09, 2011

failed silently, tho that code does work

jaytea   -  Mar 08, 2011

does it throw an error or fail silently?

what does the following produce on your mIRC:

//!hadd -m a a a | !echo -a -> $hget(a, a) | !hadd a a b | !echo -a -> $hget(a, a)
MoshMage   -  Mar 08, 2011

Somehow that is not happening here, god know why. otherwise i wouldnt have "all that trouble". but yeah, i must've fast forward the mIRC help thingy.

Still, doesn't happen to replace the hash item value on my mirc version

Jethro   -  Mar 08, 2011

I second Firstmate's notion. Nice experiment you've attempted, Mosh.

Firstmate   -  Mar 08, 2011

When you use:

/hadd [table] [item] [value]
If an item with the same name already exists, mIRC will automatically replace it with the new value.

From the help file:

If the item you are adding already exists, the old item is replaced.

That being said, this is not an identifier. So you really don't need to place return statements. Rather, /echo out Invalid parameters or some other suitable error.

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