Script request logger

By Phil_FW on Mar 03, 2011

It's a channel menu, i do plan on updating it eventually. It has some color added though. Feel free to give feedback :D

Menu Channel {
  .--Script Request Logger--
  ..Turn ON Script Request Logger:{
    set %scriptrequestlog ON
    echo -a Script request logging now 8,1ON
    .timersr 1 0 amsg 1,8A8,1T1,8T8,1E1,8N8,1T1,8I8,1O1,8N14,1... 9,1I am now logging all 7,1mIRC SCRIPT 6,1requests!!!
    .timersr2 1 1 amsg 11,1Just type 8,1@scriptreq 15,1<8,1your-script-here15,1> 15,1<8,1your nick15,1> 4,1and i will message you later for details about it, 0,1Thank You :D
  ..Turn OFF Script Request Logger:{
    set %scriptrequestlog OFF
    echo -a Script request logging now 8,1OFF
    .timersr 1 1 amsg 9,1I am not logging script requests at this time
  ..View Script requests:{
    msg $active Now showing script requests
    play scriptrequests.txt
ON $*:Text:/(!|@)script(req|r)\s+/Si:#:{
  tokenize 32 $strip($1-)
  if (%scriptrequestlog == ON) {
    if ($2 != $read(scriptrequests.txt,s,$2)) && ($2) { 
      write scriptrequests.txt $2-,$3
    msg $chan Thank you11,1 $nick $+ , 9,1I will message you A.S.A.P. for details about your script :D
    echo -a 11,1 $nick has requested a script to be made
  else { msg $chan sorry $nick I am not currently logging script requests }


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MoshMage   -  Mar 07, 2011

oh! also. i hate all the spam im making but im flying in a kite right now so.. its normal to forget stuff xD

excuse me for the .msg MoshMage on load, it's code its directly removed from my bot and i use that to make sure it loads when i tell it to load. you should remove the on load event

and.. all the #PTScripting should be replaced to #channel_you_want

MoshMage   -  Mar 07, 2011

oh. and commands are: !ticket = ask for a ticket; !tickets view tickets;
!aowner to add owner
!rowner to remove.

only onwers can use !tickets and !ticket -commands.

MoshMage   -  Mar 07, 2011 where: -ler = READ; -rem = REMOVE; -resp = ANSWER

Phil_FW   -  Mar 07, 2011

lol great minds think alike. sure ill take a look at it

MoshMage   -  Mar 06, 2011

wow mate! i have something quite like this for the ms channel here at ptnet i'll hook u up with a pastebin if you want to have a look

Phil_FW   -  Mar 04, 2011

thanks Jethro_ ... im glad i finally did something with not much error. lol

Jethro   -  Mar 03, 2011

ON :TEXT:@scriptreq :#:{Phil, you may need to leave a space between the command and the asterisk symbol, so mIRC will ensure that the $2 has been supplied. This way the script doesn't get triggered if someone enters @scriptreg without $2-3 being provided.

Another way is to make your $2 and $3 have double dollar signs: $$2- and $$3 This will make sure they're supplied too. With the double dollar sign method, you don't need to leave a space.

Keep up the good work, of course.

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