Trout stealer

By MoshMage on Feb 04, 2011

Script will answer to /slap with costume action OR will proceed to steal whatever was used to slap and count it as trout stolen :)

use /mslap your action here to refer to triggered action nick
to add constume actions to mslap.txt

;Mosh Slap Defense system.
on *:load:{
addsp draws out the SLEDGHAMMER and bashes it allover <nick>s face
addsp addpre The.Sexy.Adventures.Of.<nick>.XXX.DVDRip.XviD-EiNFACN0RMAL
addsp sets Slapper the Monkey on <nick>s persuit
addsp runs <nick> over with a School Bus
addsp is now very angry. ~brrrr~ *abe oddworld style*
addsp i took no part on it!
addsp BLAME THE WORLD! Not me..

alias addsp {
write mslap.txt $1-
on *:action:*:#:{
  if ($me isin $1-) && (slaps == $1) {
    VAR %r $rand(1,100)
    if (%r <= 50) {
      var %s = $read(mslap.txt), %s = $replace(%s,<nick>,$nick)
      if (%s == %ls) return
      .timer 1 3 describe $chan %s
      if ($chan != $active) { 
        echo -at <slap@ $+ $network $+ > $nick got a swing at you. $1- 
        echo -at <slap@ $+ $network $+ > $me %s
      set %ls %s
    else {
      inc %trouts
      describe $chan steals the $iif($5 = a,$6-,$7-) and slaps $nick violently. ( $+ %trouts in the bag)
      if ($me isop $chan) {
        var %r2 $rand(1,25)
        if (%r2 > 5) {
          kick $chan $nick VIOLENT.
      if ($chan != $active) { 
        echo -at <slap@ $+ $network $+ > $nick got a swing at you. $1- 
        echo -at <slap@ $+ $network $+ > You haz %trouts trouts in teh bag :)
  if (steals == $1) && (slaps isin $1-) {
    var %t $right($1-,4)
    var %t $gettok(%t,0,32)
    var %t $remove(%t,$chr(40))
    set %trouts $calc(%trouts + %t)
    describe $chan takes another swing at $nick and steals the %t trouts in the bag ( $+ %trouts stolen).


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MoshMage   -  Feb 04, 2011

that's wierd but.. ok..

Jethro   -  Feb 04, 2011

$iif($5=a,$6-,$7-)This is not going to work without a space between $5, the equals sign and the letter a.

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