By sunslayer on Feb 02, 2011

started to learn python yesterday and found http://www.daniweb.com/forums/post161212-13.html so i figured I'd give it a try

basic quiz, randomizes the questions and keeps track of right/wrong answers and tells you your score at the end

quiz file:http://www.daniweb.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=1388&d=1126839638

after you download the file edit the last line of the code to the correct path

from re import findall
from random import randint
class Quiz:
    w = r = t = 0
    def __init__(self, f):
        h = open(f)
        self.q = []
        for a in findall("([A-D])\n(.+)\n(.+)\n(.+)\n(.+)\n(.+)\n?",h.read()):
    def shuffle(self):
        s = []
        for x in self.q:
            s.insert(randint(0,len(s)), x)
        self.q = s
    def start(self):
        for q in self.q:
            rans = q[0].upper()
            b = 1
            print "Question", str(self.t+1) + ":", q[1]
            for x in "ABCD":
                b += 1
                print x + ".", q[b]
            ans = raw_input("Answer: ")
            if ans.upper() != rans: self.w += 1
            else: self.r += 1
            self.t += 1
            print ""
        print "End of Quiz!"
        print "you answered", str(self.r), "out of", str(self.t), "questions right! (" + str(round((float(self.r)/float(self.t))*100,2)) + "%)"
        pa = raw_input("Play again(y/n)? ")
        if pa.lower() == "y":
            self.w = self.r = self.t = 0

quiz = Quiz("PATH\TO\QUIZ").start()


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sunslayer   -  Feb 12, 2011

from command line, cd to your python dir and type
python PATH_TO_FILE.py

nescient   -  Feb 12, 2011

Sorry for asking that.. I'm a real dumbass (or so it seems).. but how do you start the quiz?

sunslayer   -  Feb 02, 2011

thanks, :)

Sorasyn   -  Feb 02, 2011

Damn good for just starting yesterday. :)

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