Website Content Checker

By _Dean_ on Jan 28, 2011

This script basically, checks the Title, Description and website Keywords, that why i put it as ''website content checker''

some websities does not contain, title, description or keywords
(example google) , so you're gonna receive a message like this

unable to find all the data from

the command is


[00:23:54] <~Teen> !check
[00:23:56] Title: Hawkee Technology Social Network
[00:23:56] Keywords: hawkee, platforms, scripts, snippets, social network, social software, computers, electronics, video games

i was trying to return an error, so i asked for FordLawnmower help


on $*:text:/^!check\s.*/iS:#:{
  if (%Floods) { notice $nick 4You need to wait 10 seconds till you do this command again | return }
  if ($sock(check)) sockclose check
  if $regex($2-,/(http://(.+)|www\.(.+))/) && (!%Floods) { 
    set -u5 %Pageall $regml(1)
    var %Pagehost = $iif(*http://* iswm %Pageall, $gettok(%Pageall, 2, 47), %Pageall)
    sockopen check %Pagehost 80   
    sockmark check $chan %Pagehost 
    $iif($regex(%Pageall,/\w/(.+)/), set -u5 %Pagelink $+(/,$regml(1),), set -u5 %Pagelink $chr(47))) 
    inc -u10 %Floods
  else {
    msg $chan 4ERROR: Valid link is necessary for this | halt 

on *:Sockopen:check:{
  if ($sockerr) { msg $gettok($sock(check).mark, 1, 32) 4ERROR: Unable to connect on $+($gettok($sock(check).mark,2, 32),:)  $sock(check).wsmsg  }
  else {
    sockwrite -n $sockname GET %Pagelink HTTP/1.1
    sockwrite -n $sockname Host: $gettok($sock(check).mark, 2, 32)
    sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
on *:sockread:check:{
  var %Check , %Chans msg $gettok($sock(check).mark, 1, 32)
  sockread %Check
  if ($regex(%Check,/<title>([^<]*)</title>/i)) { %Chans 7Title: $regml(1) | sockmark $sockname  $sock($sockname).mark 1  }
  elseif ($regex(%Check,/keywords[^<]*content=["']([^'"<]+)["']/i)) {
    if ($regml(1)) { %Chans 12Keywords: $regml(1) | sockmark $sockname  $sock($sockname).mark 1 }
  elseif ($regex(%Check,/description[^<]*content=["']([^'"<]+)["']/i)) {
    if ($regml(1)) { %Chans 6Description: $regml(1) | sockmark $sockname  $sock($sockname).mark 1 }
  elseif (</head> isin %Check) {
    if (!$gettok($sock($sockname).mark,3,32)) %Chans 4unable to find all the data from %Pageall


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Stewie1k94   -  Feb 04, 2012

I like it....

Lenooox   -  Feb 04, 2012

[13:47] -> : OPEN
No text to send

irchainscriptz   -  Apr 01, 2011

Not to say anything out of line here, its creative but whats the point of this snippet. meaning it would be nice if it gave you the newly added topics in front page or etc. Ive tried it and all works.

[01:13pm] <@chain> !check
[01:13pm] <@B0tS3rv> unable to find all the data from
[01:13pm] <@B0tS3rv> Keywords: The Front Page, vBulletin 4.0, CMS
[01:13pm] <@B0tS3rv> Description: vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite with CMS
[01:13pm] <@B0tS3rv> Description: vBulletin 4.0 Publishing Suite with CMS
[01:13pm] <@B0tS3rv> Title: IRChainScriptz - The Front Page

[01:13pm] <@chain> !check
[01:13pm] <@B0tS3rv> Description: TechGear007 is an online community resource site.
[01:13pm] <@B0tS3rv> Keywords: free downloads,mirc help,mirc,mirc scripts,irc,buzzen,sparkpea,koach,msn,bots,scripts,ircd,chat,chat clone,err0r,ozzy10,techgear,techgear007,tg007,buzzen,phreik,koach,sparkpea
[01:13pm] <@B0tS3rv> Title: Community Resource Site

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