Slap Script

By SreeKanth on Jan 23, 2011

This is a fun script made by me 2 years ago ... will be very funny and editable for anyone.. Just copy and paste the code in a notepas and save it as Slapscript.mrc ... type /load -rs Slapscript.mrc ...

Open a new notepad and save the following line and save it as slaps.txt make sure u keep both the files in the right place. If u don't know the right place check the error message u will get to know where u have to place the script and txt file ... now copy the lines :-

Windows 95
a KFC mega bucket
a Jackie Chan Legs .....
a pen
a shoe
a used Tissue Paper
a dildo
Simpsons creator Matt Groening
1GB of RAM
an ethiopian
a pan
his portable DVD player
an ACER T180 MODEL Computer
a ban stick
a Samosa Tray
a Smorgasbord
A Case Full Of Beers
a Barracuda
a space monkey
his Random Slap Script By SreeKanth
a mexican midget
the Mexican border
a rubber chicken
teh ban hammah
Bill Gates
His pan cake
a Tooth Pin
king leonidas
a Jewish rabbi. Double prawned.
teh Jew claw
the modern world
a Stinking Socks
a he/she
teh 1930's
a trojan
a trojan condom
teh virus
teh internetz
johnny quest
the queen of England
tea Cup
a Used Tooth Brush
a Toilet Cleaner Broom
his torren underwear
Paragon chappal
Wipped tissues
Drum Sticks
Girls sandals

on *:action:$($+(*,slap,*,$me,*)):*:{
  if ( %slap. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] ) {
    set -eu10 %slap. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] 1
  if ($me isin $1-) {
    describe $chan slaps $nick around a bit with $read(slaps.txt) $+ .
    set -eu10 %slap. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] 1

#End Random Slap
on *:load:echo Thank You For Using Random Slap v1.0 By; 1 4,1-=9+4=- 0,1Sree0,4K0,1anth 4,1-=9+4=- }
on *:unload:{ echo -a Random Slap v1.0 Has Been Deleted! }


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Sammael   -  Aug 25, 2013

Instead of all this razz-a-ma-tazz...just put

/slap /me slaps $$1 around a bit with $read(slap.txt)

in the alias tab and put the desired slaps in mIRC's AppData folder.

blackvenomm666  -  Aug 26, 2013

that would make this script useless if you did that sammael. this is not just a simple slap script. this is an auto slap script for when someone slaps you it will automatically reply

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koolaidman   -  Jan 24, 2011

oh... Thanks Jethro_

Jethro   -  Jan 23, 2011

koolaidman, you need to create a text file called slaps first, then put all the slap messages line by line all the way down. When people initiate an action to slap you with your nick, the script will react with the messages stored from the text file randomly.

koolaidman   -  Jan 23, 2011

does this even work?i can't get it to work

Jethro   -  Jan 23, 2011

Your slap snippet is redundant. Why do you specify "slap $me" as a wildcard in the match text section of the text event with an if condition of "$me isin $1-?"

This is all you need:

on *:action:$($strip($+(*,slap,*,$me,*))):*:{
  if (!%slap. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]) { 
    describe $iif(#,#,$nick) slaps $nick around a bit with $read(slaps.txt) $+ .
    set -eu10 %slap. $+ $nick 1

When you set the dynamic variable, you don't need to include the evaluation bracket []. A $strip() identifier is advised so your mIRC recognizes the trigger if someone has their script customized with control codes, and that you do not have the option of incoming messages stripped enabled. The exclamation mark by the %slap is pretty much the same as:

if (%slap. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] == $null) {
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