Simple MemoServ 1.3

By xDaeMoN on Mar 07, 2005

A simple botscript which acts like Memoserv that will save the message & notify the person addressed to retrieve it. If the person is offline, they will be notified when they get back online.

**Update: User needs to be registered to be able to send & retrieve a message. I added a simple register system and you could also change your password.

Copy & paste to your bot's remotes section. (ALT-R -> FILE -> NEW)


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Claus999   -  Jul 17, 2009

im wondering. is it possible to make something so i as the owner can retrieve peoples passwords if they forget them?

`Kazuma   -  Jan 31, 2006

I\'m not into bots, but its alright

mkh   -  Jan 26, 2006

yes, that is the one i have...... :/

xDaeMoN   -  Jan 26, 2006

Here\'s the addon I made & submitted at

Cleaning out of old memos will be included in the next update along with some other fixes & updates.

xtr   -  Jan 26, 2006

sounds nice.. i need this script 2tm... im using a ircd with my own auth/oper service and cant use the memoserv as normal used with the same ircd version.... are you to be found on irc ?

`Kazuma   -  Nov 04, 2005

very nice. gj

xDaeMoN   -  Oct 22, 2005

Minor Update: Added delay on reading the messages.

storMaz   -  Oct 22, 2005

nevermind, it was just me, sorry! your script works fine.

storMaz   -  Oct 22, 2005

it won\'t work for me, nothing happens with the commands at all, no reaction.

I just rewrote the commands a little, and translated it to swedish.

if you need to see code:

xDaeMoN   -  May 27, 2005

** Updated. Now using hash tables.

xDaeMoN   -  May 21, 2005

** Updated. Added a user system so people needs to register first before they could send/receive a message.

DarthReven   -  Mar 10, 2005

nice lil script xDaeMon

splatted   -  Mar 10, 2005

very nice. Have you considered adding password protection? I find quite a few people use my nick when i\'m not online. Anyone curious enough will check to ensure the message isn\'t for them, thereby inadvertantly deleting the message for the intended person

xDaeMoN   -  Mar 07, 2005

Updated. Messages are now read in ascending order.

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