By Dodge on Jan 04, 2011

Fkeys are sometimes the fastest way to do things I've found.
I believe this is actually a working snippet now.

Usage: place In Script editor Aliases.
$read text/kicks2.txt , /splay sounds/bye.wav and /splay input.wav
will have to be changed to where your kick msgs are and sounds to where your sounds are. If not wanted then delete.

f2 { /access # add deny *! $+ $$ial($1 $+ *,1).addr 15 : $+ $1 - $input(Enter a kick message $+ $chr(44) or leave blank for none:,129,Kick Message) | /kick $chan $1 15 Minute Ban $+ $iif($! != $null,: $!)  : Kicked & Banned
f3 { /access # add deny *! $+ $$ial($1 $+ *,1).addr 1440 | /splay input.wav | .echo $1 deny added | /splay affirmtv.wav 
f4  { /kick # $1 $read text/kicks2.txt | /set %reasons Random | /splay sounds/bye.wav }

f5 { /dialog -m access.list access.list | echo 7Access List Opened
f6 { /kickguest }
f8 { /cs access $chan list | /cs access # Del $$?=AccessnickNumber }
f7 {   window -efko @fkeys -1 -1 280 200
  echo -a 15 F Keys List Highlight Nick Name on List To Kick. 
  echo @fkeys f2  4 kick 15 min Ban With Message
  echo @fkeys f3  4 Add Deny
  echo @fkeys f4  4 Kick
  echo @fkeys f5  4Opens Access List
  echo @fkeys f6  4 Kick Guests
  echo @fkeys f7  4 Displays F-Key Commands
  echo @fkeys f8  4IRC Access List Delete List Number
kickguest {
  var %i 1
  while (%i <= $nick($chan,0)) {
    if (>* iswm $nick($chan,%i)) {
      .raw access # add deny *!*@GuestGate* 0 | /kick # $nick($chan,%i) Guest kick
    .raw kick $gettok($sock($sock(chan*,%i)).mark,1,32)
    .raw  kick $gettok($sock($sock(chan*,%i)).mark,1,32) 
    inc %i


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Dodge   -  Jan 05, 2011

Thanks, your right. the first window can go. I had it in the main menu. But It dosn't need to be there.

Savage_CL   -  Jan 05, 2011

Also, one must specify that this belongs in the Aliases section. otherwise, you should put something along the lines of "alias fkeys { code }". also, to make the script shorter, instead of writing out the whole window twice, do something along the lines of "alias F7 fkeys". This just tells mIRC to use the command "fkeys" when F7 is pressed.

Happy Scripting :)

Sorasyn   -  Jan 05, 2011

Was in the middle of typing it; looks like teen beat me to it. lol

Dodge   -  Jan 05, 2011

I said that. ☝ Up there ☝

Sorasyn   -  Jan 05, 2011

Sigh... "I would like a better way to write re-write this script."

While we do aim to provide insight on snippets, asking for help by posting it as a snippet is not the way to go about getting it... Posting a snippet is making your code readily accessible to the general public. Asking for expansion/help in the introduction is basically saying "I'm shot full of bullet holes but I can still hold water."

From the looks of your code I'd say your introduction says it all.

Dodge   -  Jan 05, 2011

here was closer at the time. But thanks. I will do that In future.

_Teen_   -  Jan 05, 2011

why not use the Scripting help forum? ._.

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