Unrealircd (Support Bot) (Quiz)

By j1sp
Platform:  PHP
Published  Dec 29, 2010
Updated  Nov 26, 2013
This script is old however I re-posted it for archive reasons, also I may update it soon with a new version. [index.php]
<title>Support Quiz</title>
<form action="check.php" method="post">
<h1>Operating System</h1>
<select name="os">
<option value="win">Windows</option>
<option value="mac">Mac</option>
<option value="linux">Linux</option>
<h1>Need Support?</h1>
<select name="ns">
<option value="y">yes</option>
<option value="n">no</option>
</select><input value="Get Code" type="submit" />

echo "/msg [mircbotname] !v ";
if ( $a == "win" && $b == "y" ) {
echo "codeone";
if ( $a == "win" && $b == "n" ) {
echo "codefour";
if ( $a == "linux" && $b == "y" ) {
echo "codethree";
if ( $a == "linux" && $b == "n" ) {
echo "code6";
if ( $a == "mac" && $b == "y" ) {
echo "codetwo";
if ( $a == "mac" && $b == "n" ) {
echo "codefive";


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sean   -  Feb 10, 2011
I was also wonder how many people would fill out a support form stating "No, I don't need help" lol
edgy   -  Feb 10, 2011
A flaw with this is that people will be able to share the support code that they need to enter.

A better way would be to make a unique hash for each user with a timestamp and username (for example) and have the bot decode it. That way codes specified will expire after a certain length of time.
sean   -  Dec 30, 2010
you can very easily combine this into one file.
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