Finding The Server IP

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Dec 27, 2010
Updated  Dec 27, 2010
Hello fellow Hawkee citizens. This is my first snippet, and what does it do?

Simply type /serverIP anywhere in the server you want to find the IP of and there it is.

The purpose? Simply if you want to connect to the server's IP. I know it's not really a good snippet, but it's my first. ;type /serverIP to use
ALIAS serverIP { /echo (You are using $titlebar version $version $+ ) The serverip of $server is $serverip $+ . }


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Back2Life   -  Jan 09, 2011
You started with those difficult ones!? I prefer to start with with:

It may come handy in some cases, you know.
Jethro   -  Dec 30, 2010
You can use $1 to refer to the trigger hello:
As basic and classic as it seems, it's also susceptible to trigger flood attack, and its limitation is confined to one word "Hello." Not to mention it may or may not be triggered if someone else uses a custom script with control codes added, while your mIRC is not set to strip out incoming messages.
IllogicTC   -  Dec 30, 2010
I actually congratulate this effort. I remember I, like many others, started with the classic:


Or some such, complete with the error of using 1 rather than *, #channel rather than *, and no wildcard after Hello. Also, it is completely useless, too.

Everyone has to start somewhere.
Known   -  Dec 29, 2010
This is somewhat of a useless alias, as you can just say $serverip instead of having to make bunch of information that is pointless, such as the mIRC version your using, when you only want to findout the server's IP.
[i]concur   -  Dec 28, 2010
so comment on the ones u enjoy seeing rather than wasting your time being pissy with ones you say are "stupid"
ProIcons   -  Dec 28, 2010
Sorry... but i see so stupid snippets and i am getting angry? maybe?
Jethro   -  Dec 27, 2010
ProIcons, you can use a while loop with $gettok for this so you don't need to reiterate the /echo numerous times.

And please don't get jumpy at other people's thread, as there are newbies who've just started learning MSL. Be courteous and respectful.
[i]concur   -  Dec 27, 2010
Prolcons: harsh much?
Back2Life   -  Dec 27, 2010
ProIcons   -  Dec 27, 2010

Well why always you guys put this !@#$ annoying aliases that in the matter effect they does completely NOTHING?


and the meaning of the Shortcut RTFM is : READ THE !@#$ MANUAL.

SO Please STOP MAKING THIS Kind of snippets, waste size of the mysql of hawkee.. jesus :/
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