Python IRC basic framework

By R0K on Dec 24, 2010

I'm starting a new bot on IRC and I've finished the framework for it, so I decided to post it. It only has the IRC protocol's that I'm going to use, so some are excluded.

the variable 'x' will always be a channel except in the case of msg.
the variable 'y' will always be a nickname except in the case of msg.
the variable 'z' will always be a message.
the variable 'arjok' at the top is auto rejoin on kick. 1 means it will auto rejoin on a kick; any other number means it wont.

commands that you make should be put in the while loop as I have showed with pong(), autoReJoinOnKick(), and autoJoinOnInvite().

Everything was made and tested using Python 2.7

I appreciate any comments and feedback.

import socket
irc = socket.socket ( socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM )
network = ''
irc.connect ( (network, 6667 ) )
irc.send('NICK nickname\r\n')
irc.send('USER <username> <hostname> <servername>: <realname>\r\n')
income=irc.recv (4096)
print income
def pong():
    if income.find('PING') != -1:
        irc.send('PONG ' + income.split()[1] + '\r\n')
def msg(x,z):
    irc.send ('PRIVMSG '+x +' :'+z +'\r\n')
def notice(y,z):
    irc.send('NOTICE '+x+' :'+z+'\r\n')
def join(x):
    irc.send('JOIN '+x+'\r\n')
def part(x):
    irc.send('PART '+x+'\r\n')
def whois(y):
    irc.send('WHOIS '+y+'\r\n')
def kick(x,y,z):
    irc.send('KICK '+x+' '+y+' '+z+'\r\n')
def ban(x,y):
    irc.send('MODE '+x+' +b '+y+'\r\n')
def kickban(x,y,z):
def autoJoinOnInvite():
    if (income.find('INVITE') != -1):
def autoReJoinOnKick(x):
    if ((income.find('KICK') != -1) and (arjok == 1)):
while True:
    income = irc.recv ( 4096 )
    print income


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FelicianoX   -  Aug 24, 2011

notice(y,z) = y should be x

sunslayer   -  Dec 25, 2010

you should add a check to see if the connection is still active to break out of the loop

R0K   -  Dec 25, 2010

yes, it will continue

sunslayer   -  Dec 24, 2010

i have absolutely no knowledge of Python so i may be wrong but won't the while loop continue even after you have been disconnected?

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