Simple !time

By Spoofing on Dec 18, 2010

Just simple !time script.

on *:TEXT:!time:#: {
  msg # The time is $asctime(h:nn) $iif($asctime(H) isnum 0-5,at night) $iif($asctime(H) isnum 6-11,in the morning) $iif($asctime(H) isnum 12-17,in the afternoon) $iif($asctime(H) isnum 18-23,in the evening)
  msg # on $day $+ , the $ord($asctime(d)) day of $asctime(mmmm) $+ .
  msg # $chr(15) $chr(15) $+($chr(3),14,$replace($day,Sunday,Today you should make your own bread.,Monday,Don't forget; you have a mission.,Tuesday,Today you should play Minecraft.,Wednesday,Remember to brush twice daily.,Thursday,Today your life is an RPG.,Friday,It's Friday; go buy some tape.,Saturday,Today you should invest in solar panels.),$chr(3))


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jaytea   -  Dec 21, 2010

sorry to leave you hanging Jethro - i should really elaborate on what i wrote :P i'm going to write a small article in the near future to discuss these views formally - i'll let you know when i'm done!

Daking   -  Dec 19, 2010

Fun script, has potential for a greater script
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nice spoofing

[85]   -  Dec 19, 2010

nice... :))

Jethro   -  Dec 18, 2010

So what are you suggesting precisely? Use the if ($1 == trigger) ? as a good habit or practice :? Perhaps you can give me some pointers as to what you mean by "chunky, outdated, or invalid as opposed to that of nightmares. Explain the downfalls to me.

jaytea   -  Dec 18, 2010

Jethro, when i first pointed out that $($iif( )) in matchtext idea it was purely to show that it is actually possible to perform such checks in the header portion of an event - i didn't mean for it to serve as an example of good scripting practice. in terms of readability and suitability, i would place it in the same category as chunky $regsubex() loops, overuse of outdated or invalid code and other scripting related nightmares :P

Jethro   -  Dec 18, 2010

One thing to make the snippet more interesting is to diversify the day replies a bit. Over time people might get bored with the same thing over and over.

cupcake   -  Dec 18, 2010

how stupid didn't use my bot which already strips code ..i'm badddd LoL it works :D [12:49] < babycakes> !time
[12:49] < sugar^cookie> The time is 12:49 in the afternoon
[12:49] < sugar^cookie> on Saturday, the 18th day of December.
[12:49] < sugar^cookie> Today you should invest in solar panels.
by the way it's cute ..

Jethro   -  Dec 18, 2010

Yes, but I tend not to use regex for one word match. Change \b to $ so it won't trigger by punctuation characters affixing to it. And there is no $2 used anyway.

Also, spoofing could have used $time(h:nn) and $time(H) in place of $asctime(h:nn) and $asctime(H)

It's slimmer and does the same thing.

a careful warchild   -  Dec 18, 2010


on $*:text:/^!time\b/Si:*:{
Jethro   -  Dec 18, 2010

cupcake, it's working. Chances are the control codes caused the code to not recognize the command. Change the text event to this:

on *:TEXT:$($iif(!time = $strip($1),$1)):#:{

It's always a good idea to use $strip() for the trigger commands. You'd never know if people have a custom script using control codes and that you do not have your mirc set to strip out incoming messages.

P.S. I know the user Teen would think otherwise.

cupcake   -  Dec 18, 2010

tried tested this snippet doesn't work.
[10:31] < babycakes> !time
[10:32] < vicky123> !time
maybe you can explain why ...
thank you :)

Spoofing   -  Dec 18, 2010

lol; I love simple scripts like this because it's reminds me of times when I just started learning mSL (6 years ago).

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