Get File Extension Substring

By wade2462 on Dec 17, 2010

Determines the file extension from a full filename.

        public static string GetFileType(string FilePath)
            List<int> PeriodPostions = new List<int>();
            int ExtensionStart = 0;
            for (int iii = 0; iii < FilePath.Length; iii++)
                if (FilePath[iii] == '.')
            ExtensionStart = PeriodPostions.Last();
            return FilePath.Substring(ExtensionStart);


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Jyncs   -  Sep 04, 2011

You could also do it with this

    public static string GetFileType(string fileName)
        string fileExt;
        string[] arrFile;
        arrFile = fileName.Split(".".ToCharArray());
        fileExt = arrFile[arrFile.Length - 1];
        return fileExt;
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