no-ip Updater

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Nov 20, 2010
Updated  Nov 20, 2010
This is a script to update your ip address for your host(s).
I designed this to help people with dynamic ip's keep their no-ip hostnames linked to there current ip. This way you can keep their hostname pointed at the correct ip for serving pages or w/e.
This does NOT update your no-ip account if there is no ip change.
I would have included this feature , but such automation is against no-ip's TOS. If you just want to update your account for the purpose of avoiding EXPIRATION, just use the script to change your ip and quickly change it back.

If you want to use this script you will need a no-ip account. You can sign up here -->> - Write down your username and password (you will need it for this script)

Once you are logged in to your account just click Hosts/Redirects (top left) and then add a host.

Now:: Assuming you have a no-ip account:

  • Copy this code, paste it to a new remote and save it with a unique file name.
  • Right click channel or status and click no-ipUpdate.
  • Fill in all the boxes.
  • Check "Update on Connect" if you want your ip updated each connect. (recommended)
  • Click save to write the setting to a file.

Explaining the dialog:

  • Hosts: Put your here. This is editable so you can keep changing the Hosts: and keep with the rest of the data the same. (Just remember to click Add each time)
  • User: Your no-ip username.(not the email address)
  • Pass: Your no-ip password.
  • IP: This is your current ip address or the ip address you want to update your account with.(If you don't know leave this blank and click add or save. The script will find it for you.)
  • Update on Connect: Check this if you want the account updated on each new server connection.
  • Add: Saves the current screen to the given hostname.(All boxes except IP: must be filled out)
  • Delete: Deletes a given hostname from the hashtable.(Warning is given)
  • Update Now: Will update no-ip with the currently visible information.(Must fill out all the boxes with valid information. If IP: is blank you will have to click the button again after the script fills in the IP: box.)
  • Save: Saves the current screen.(exactly the same as Add)

Deep thoughts :P:
I used for the ip retrieval. $ip is an obvious solution but it, quite often, has incorrect information during connection. It usually has the old ip address but sometimes it has the router/nat address or local information.

Additionally, I realize that the ip address is optional when updating no-ip via api but I feel it is better to check for changes as opposed to testing the sites tolerance of redundancy.
Hidden Features:
Will echo back your current ip address from the api at

**Edited** Now tests clean on mIRC 7
Thanks to jaytea for his infinite knowledge of mIRC's scripting engine. Compatible mime encoding of unicode characters on mIRC 7 would not be done without his help. ;no-ip Updater by Ford_Lawnmower #Script-Help
menu channel,status,menubar {
.no-ipUpdate:dialog $iif(!$dialog(no-ip),-m no-ip,-v) no-ip
alias -l no-ipUpdate {
var %host $1, %ip $2
Getno-ipUpdate echo -st %host %ip $gettok($hget(no-ipUpdate,%host),2,32)
;Getno-ipUpdate send method host ip $encode_(user:pass,m)
alias -l Getno-ipUpdate {
if ($gettok($hget(no-ipUpdate,$3),4,32) != $4) {
var %sockname $+(no-ipUpdate,$network,$2,$ticks,$r(1,1000))
sockopen %sockname 80
sockmark %sockname $1-2 $+(/nic/update?hostname=,$3,&myip=,$4) $5 $3 $4
else $iif($dialog(no-ip),no-ipError $v1,echo -st) no-ip already up to date for $3
On *:sockopen:no-ipUpdate*: {
if (!$sockerr) {
sockwrite -nt $sockname GET $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,3,32) HTTP/1.0
sockwrite -n $sockname Host: $sock($sockname).addr
sockwrite -nt $sockname Authorization: Basic $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,4,32)
sockwrite -n $sockname User-Agent: mIRC no-ip Update/1.0
sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
else { sockclose $sockname | return }
On *:sockread:no-ipUpdate*: {
if ($sockerr) { sockclose $sockname | return }
else {
var %no-ipUpdate | sockread %no-ipUpdate
if (HTTP/1.1 200 OK isin %no-ipUpdate) {
tokenize 32 $sock($sockname).mark
$iif($dialog(no-ip),no-ipError $v1,$1-2) $5 Updated to $6
if ($hget(no-ipUpdate,$5)) hadd no-ipUpdate $5 $puttok($puttok($v1,$6,1,32),$6,4,32)
elseif (HTTP/1.1 401 isin %no-ipUpdate) {
$iif($dialog(no-ip),no-ipError $v1,$gettok($sock($sockname).mark,1-2,32)) Error: $nopath($script) %no-ipUpdate
elseif (Connection: close isin %no-ipUpdate) { sockclose $sockname | return }
On *:connect: { if ($hget(no-ipUpdate,0).item) no-ipUpdateAll }
On *:start: {
hmake no-ipUpdate 5
if ($exists(no-ipUpdate.hsh)) hload no-ipUpdate no-ipUpdate.hsh
On *:unload: { if ($hget(no-ipUpdate)) hfree $v1 }
alias -l no-ipUpdateAll {
if (!$timerno-ipUpdateAll) {
.timerno-ipUpdateAll 1 10 .noop
var %numhosts $hget(no-ipUpdate,0).item, %count 1
while (%numhosts >= %count) {
if ($gettok($hget(no-ipUpdate,%count).data,3,32)) .timer 1 $calc(%count * 3) GetWhatIsMyIp no-ipUpdate $hget(no-ipUpdate,%count).item
inc %count
alias -l WIMIPno-ipcheck GetWhatIsMyIP no-ipUpdate $1
alias WhatIsMyIP GetWhatIsMyIP echo -a
alias -l GetWhatIsMyIP {
var %sockname $+(WhatIsMyIP,$network,$2,$ticks)
sockopen %sockname 80
sockmark %sockname $1-2 /automation/n09230945NL.asp
On *:sockopen:WhatIsMyIP*: {
if (!$sockerr) {
sockwrite -nt $sockname GET $gettok($sock($sockname).mark,3,32) HTTP/1.0
sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
else { sockclose $sockname | return }
On *:sockread:WhatIsMyIP*: {
if ($sockerr) { echo -st Socket Error $nopath($script) | sockclose $sockname | return }
else {
var %WhatIsMyIP | sockread %WhatIsMyIP
if ($regex(%WhatIsMyIP,/([\d]{1,}\.[\d]{1,}\.[\d]{1,}\.[\d]{1,})/)) {
$iif($dialog(no-ip),did -ra $v1 4,$gettok($sock($sockname).mark,1-2,32)) $regml(1)
On *:dialog:no-ip:init,Sclick:*: {
if ($devent == init) no-ipInit $dname
elseif ($devent == Sclick) {
if ($did == 1) no-ipFillInfo $dname $did(1)
elseif ($count($did,11,13,14)) {
no-ipSaveData $dname
.timer 1 2 no-ipInit $dname
elseif ($did == 12) {
if ($hget(no-ipUpdate,$did(1))) {
if ($input(Are you sure you want to delete $did(1),yn,no-ipUpdate)) {
no-ipError $dname Deleting $did(1)
hdel no-ipUpdate $did(1)
.timer 1 2 no-ipInit $dname
else no-ipError $dname $did(1) does not exist in my database!
alias -l no-ipInit {
if ($hget(no-ipUpdate,0).item) {
didtok -ra $1 1 32 $regsubex($str(.,$v1),/(.)/g,$+($chr(32),$hget(no-ipUpdate,\n).item))
if (!$did($1,1).sel) did -c $1 1 1
no-ipFillInfo $1 $did($1,1)
else WhatIsMyIp
alias -l no-ipFillInfo {
if ($hget(no-ipUpdate,$2)) {
var %dname $1
tokenize 32 $hget(no-ipUpdate,$2)
did -ra %dname 2 $gettok($decode_($2,m),1,58)
did -ra %dname 3 $gettok($decode_($2,m),2,58)
did -raf %dname 4 $1
did $+(-,$iif($3,c,u)) %dname 5
alias -l no-ipSaveData {
if ($numtok($did($1,1) $did($1,2) $did($1,3),32) != 3) no-ipError $1 Please fill in all the boxes!
elseif (!$did($1,4)) {
no-ipError $1 Getting your ip Address. Click $+(",$did($1,$did),") when I am finished.
elseif ($did == 13) Getno-ipUpdate no-ipError $1 $did(1) $did(4) $encode_($+($did(2),:,$did(3)),m)
else {
hadd -m no-ipUpdate $did($1,1) $did($1,4) $encode_($+($did($1,2),:,$did($1,3)),m) $did($1,5).state 0
hsave no-ipUpdate no-ipUpdate.hsh
no-ipError $1 Saving $did($1,1)
alias -l no-ipError {
did -ra $1 10 $2-
.timerno-ipError 1 5 did -r $1 10
alias -l encode_ {
if ($version >= 7) {
bset -c &a 1 $regsubex($1, /(*UTF8)(.)/gs, $asc(\1) $chr(32))
noop $encode(&a, mb)
return $bvar(&a, 1-).text
else return $encode($1,m)
alias -l decode_ {
if ($version >= 7) {
bset -c &a 1 $regsubex($1, /(*UTF8)(.)/gs, $asc(\1) $chr(32))
noop $decode(&a, mb)
return $bvar(&a, 1-).text
else return $decode($1,m)
dialog -l no-ip {
title "no-ip Update"
size -1 -1 234 106
option dbu
combo 1, 7 20 216 11, edit drop
edit "", 2, 28 41 84 10, pass autohs
edit "", 3, 138 41 85 10, pass autohs
edit "", 4, 28 56 79 10, autohs
check "Update on Connect", 5, 139 58 60 10
text "Hosts:", 6, 7 10 25 8
text "User:", 7, 5 42 22 8, right
text "Pass:", 8, 114 42 23 8, right
text "IP:", 9, 5 57 22 8, right
text "", 10, 2 71 229 8
button "Add", 11, 51 89 37 12
button "Delete", 12, 96 89 37 12
button "Update Now", 13, 142 89 37 12
button "Save", 14, 187 89 37 12


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Lenooox   -  Mar 31, 2012
Nice :)
FordLawnmower   -  Nov 20, 2010
**Edited** Now tests clean on mIRC 7
Thanks to jaytea for his infinite knowledge of mIRC's scripting engine. Compatible mime encoding of unicode characters on mIRC 7 would not be done without his help.
FordLawnmower   -  Nov 20, 2010
@_Teen_ You can try deleting it but the script may stop working at some point.
To use no-ip's api you must be accountable for your project.
Look here -->>
Quote from the api instructions::

Important: Setting the Agent

When making an update it is important that your http request include an HTTP User-Agent to help No-IP identify different clients that access the system. Clients that do not supply a User-Agent risk being blocked from the system.

Your user agent should be in the following format
User-Agent: NameOfUpdateProgram/VersionNumber

For example:
User-Agent: Bobs Update Client WindowsXP/1.2

Thanks for the comment and score _Teen_ :)
_Teen_   -  Nov 20, 2010
Sorry for incovenient question, if u want, you can delete it,

but this line


this email its really necessary?

by the way, as ever Good script 9/10
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