NickServ Kill

By Swat-Warrior on Nov 19, 2010

Well, this is my NickServ annoyance. If you know someone's pass, you can annoy the hell outta them. I use it for friendly wars ;D. IRC server does need NickServ. Free to edit. Trigger is /ckill. Tested and functional.


alias ckill {
  set %dcnick $?="Nick?"
  set %dcpass $?="Password?"
  set %dcchan $?="Ban on channel?"
  set %dcnick2 $?="Optional second person to kill?"
  set %dcpass2 $?="Optional second pass?"
  set %dcchan2 $?="Optional second channel?"
  ban %dcchan %dcnick
  if (%dcchan2 !== $null) {
    ban %dcchan2 %dcnick2
  /timer 2 3 /ns GHOST %dcnick %dcpass 
  if (%dcnick2 !== $null) {
    /timer 3 3 /ns GHOST %dcnick2 %dcpass2
  /timer 4 6 /ns GHOST %dcnick %dcpass
  if (%dcnick2 !== $null) {
  if (%dcnick2 !== $null) {
    /timer 5 6 /ns GHOST %dcnick2 %dcpass2
  /timer 6 9 /ns GHOST %dcnick %dcpass
  if (%dcnick2 !== $null) {
    /timer 7 9 /ns GHOST %dcnick2 %dcpass2
  /timer 8 12 /ns GHOST %dcnick %dcpass
  if (%dcnick2 !== $null) {
    /timer 9 12 /ns GHOST %dcnick2 %dcpass2
  echo -a 2Command has been executed.
  msg %dcchan %dcnick has been exterminated.
  if (%dcnick2 !== $null) {
  msg %dcchan2 %dcnick2 has been exterminated.
  unset %dc*


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Swat-Warrior   -  Nov 19, 2010

if (%dcnick2 != $null) {
It is used to not spam if it is kept empty. And, thanks for that unset :P I'm new to this ;P

Jethro   -  Nov 19, 2010

For starters, this:> unset %dcnick
unset %dcnick2
unset %dcpass
unset %dcpass2
unset %dcchan
unset %dcchan2
Can be:

unset %dc*

What happens to the > if (%dcnick2 != $null) {Overall, you code needs being fine-tuned.

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