Xchat Chatspace room reg alias

By D34th on Nov 08, 2010

This command is one i made for a server im administrator on. It is a command made for Chatspace users who are on xchat. This command joins a room and will then register the room and delete your sop then add the SOP of the user who you registered the room for

Usage: /Reg

This is my first Perl script for xchat so please do leave comments and dont bash on me too much im a noob to perl =P

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

Xchat::hook_command("Reg", "r");

sub r 
my $roomname = $_[0][1];
my $me = $_[0][2];
my $nick = $_[0][3];
Xchat::command("join #$roomname");
Xchat::command("services register #$roomname");
Xchat::command("services sop #$roomname del $me");
Xchat::command("services sop #$roomname add $nick")


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