emo script

By miniCruzer on Oct 01, 2010

I don't use mIRC any more, but my Linux machine's Hard Drive went bad with 72 bad sectors, so being on mIRC for the next few days has got me bored writing mSL again.

This script is more of a joke, nothing practical other than just me being a usual idiot.

Load the script as an alias, and run /emo help.

; Script that help users express their emo-ness on IRC
; when faggots frustrate them. Load the script as an alias,
; and run /emo help to see your commands.
; http://www.janusirc.com/ ~ miniCruzer

/emo {
  if ($1 == quit) { quit /emo quit -_- }
  if ($1 == gline) { gline $2 0 /emo gline -_- }
  if ($1 == part) { part # /emo part -_- }
  if ($1 == kill) { kill $2 /emo kill -_- }
  if ($1 == suicide) { exit /emo suicide -_- }
  if ($1 == help) { 
    echo -a /emo quit    = Quit the current server
    echo -a /emo gline   = G-Line someone because they made you emo.
    echo -a /emo part    = Part a channel in an emo-like fashion.
    echo -a /emo kill    = Kill a user because they're making you emo.
    echo -a /emo suicide = Close mIRC and disconnect from all networks emoly.
    echo -a /emo help    = Display these commands on how to be emo on IRC.


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miniCruzer   -  Oct 02, 2010

Fine, I'll add IRCop checking. I don't always write scripts to be useful.

Sorasyn   -  Oct 01, 2010

I did analyze the entire comment, and if your server is one of those few then DON'T USE IT. You summarized your comment with "It's not useful" so I assume your entire comment was babbling about how useless it is and/or pointing out flaws; flaws of which the author can do nothing about. Which leaves the responsibility of using it to the user.

_Teen_   -  Oct 01, 2010

joke or not, ppl can use this ''joke'' script, if are on Networks that dont allow messages on quit, and if them are not IRCops, so thats why i said ''its not useful'' even for a joke script... next time analize the entire comment

Sorasyn   -  Oct 01, 2010

This script is more of a joke

I don't think it was meant to be useful lol.

_Teen_   -  Oct 01, 2010

some networks, dont accept msg on Part and Quit

by the way, if this person is on the networks, thats dont allow, the command /emo quit, and /emo part , this person needs to be IRCop to use Gline and Kill,

if the person its not IRCop and cannot send the messages on quit, exit, and part... this script is not useful

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