Calculator Program: Percent of Error

By Soubi on Sep 30, 2010

^^ Besides mIRC code, I also program the TI83,TI84 calculators.I put the Platform as C++ Because i don't know what this code language is..kinda sad because i know how to code it, but anywho. This program calculates the percent of error in a measurment. When you take a measurment, there is an exact measurment and your measurment, which is a estimate, and there is a percent of error that you will have. This is for people mostly in Chemistry, and Physics. Hope most of you students/teachers enjoy this program! :)
| How you would use this, would be to just |
| follow the instructions in the program. |
| Just where it says "ESTIMATE", put your |
| Calulation there. Where it says "ACTUAL" |
| thats where you put the actual measurment|
| (when given in the problem/infomation). |

:Disp ""
:Input "ACTUAL=?",A
:Input "ESTIMATE=?",B
:Disp "Press Enter"
:Disp "ERROR =",C


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loves.enough   -  Oct 01, 2010

Dear sir
i got reguler error in status windows
error is

  • PONG from lag.1.729014
    kindly tell me what can i do and solve my issue
guest598594   -  Sep 30, 2010
Soubi   -  Sep 30, 2010

:/ i get really bored in class most of the time...and last year in physics, our teach made a lesson that involed us learning how to program them..i was the only on in my class that caught on to it xD..i have a circuit program that im fixing to post..but it is over 100 it may take me a while. Oh, and one more question >.> i havent figured out how to make the " Quote: " or " Code: " box..may you tell me how to do that, xD..still trying to figure out all the things about hawkee

guest598594   -  Sep 30, 2010
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