YouTube Script 2.0

By N3M3S1S on Sep 24, 2010

Intended for a channel bot.

Just copy and paste into remotes.

mIRC 6.35+

Gives information on youtube links when posted in the channel, and can now also do YOUTBUE SEARCHES!

Triggered when YouTube link is posted in chat....

YouTube Link Info:

[15:42] <@Neo-Nemesis>
[15:42] <@Boris_III> YouTube Title: Iron Maiden - Killers
[15:42] <@Boris_III> YouTube Info: Iron Maiden - Killers Members: Paul Di'Anno - vocals Steve Harris - bass guitar Dave Murray - guitar Adrian Smith - guitar Clive Burr - drums Iron Maiden's o...

Triggered when user types !youtube

YouTube Search:

[15:43] <@Neo-Nemesis> !youtube Iron Maiden
[15:43] <@Boris_III> YouTube Search - About 105,000 results -
[15:43] <@Boris_III> YouTube Official YouTube Channel Link
[15:43] <@Boris_III> YouTube Iron Maiden Wasted Years Link:
[15:43] <@Boris_III> YouTube Iron Maiden, ACDC and Guns N Roses 4 LIFE Link
[15:43] <@Boris_III> YouTube aces high Link:

;YouTube Info 2.0
;By Neo Nemesis
on *:TEXT:*youtube*:#: {
  if ($1 == !youtube) { 
    %c.ytb = $chan
    YouTube search $2-
  else {
    %c.ytb = $chan
    YouTube $1
alias s.YTB.Parse {
  if (&amp; isin $remove($gettok($1-,2,32),href=",$chr(34))) { return $replace($remove($gettok($remove($1-,<h3>,<b>,</b>,</h3>),2,62),</a),&quot;,$chr(34),&#39;,$chr(39),&amp;,$chr(38)) 4Link15 $+ $gettok($remove($gettok($1-,2,32),href=",$chr(34)),1,38) }
  else { return $replace($remove($gettok($remove($1-,<h3>,<b>,</b>,</h3>),2,62),</a),&quot;,$chr(34),&#39;,$chr(39),&amp;,$chr(38)) 4Link:15 $+ $remove($gettok($1-,2,32),href=",$chr(34)) }
alias YouTube {
  if ($1 == search) {
    unset %ysrc*
    sockclose s.ytb
    %ysrch = /results?search_query= $+ $replace($2-,$chr(32),$chr(43)) $+ &aq=f
    sockopen s.ytb 80
  else {
    unset %ytb*
    sockclose ytb
    %ytb1 = $remove($1,http://,www.,youtube,.com)
    sockopen ytb 80
on *:SOCKOPEN:s.ytb: {
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET %ysrch HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
  sockwrite -n $sockname Connection: Close
  sockwrite -n $sockname Content-Type: text/html
  sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
on *:SOCKREAD:s.ytb: {
  sockread %ysrc.1
  if (About <strong> isin %ysrc.1) { 
    .timerYTB6 1 1 msg %c.ytb 1,0You0,4Tube15,1 Search - $remove(%ysrc.1,<strong>,</strong>) - $+ %ysrch
    %ysrc.3 = $true
  if (dir="ltr" title=" isin %ysrc.1) && (%ysrc.3 == $true) {
    if (%ysrc.2) { inc %ysrc.2 }
    else { %ysrc.2 = 1 }
    if (%ysrc.2 <= 4) { .timerYTBb $+ %ysrc.2 1 $calc(%ysrc.2 + $rand(1,2)) msg %c.ytb 1,0You0,4Tube15,1 $s.YTB.Parse(%ysrc.1) }
    else { sockclose s.ytb } 
on *:SOCKOPEN:ytb: {
  sockwrite -n $sockname GET %ytb1 HTTP/1.1
  sockwrite -n $sockname Host:
  sockwrite -n $sockname Connection: Close
  sockwrite -n $sockname Content-Type: text/html
  sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf 
on *:SOCKREAD:ytb: {
  sockread %ytb2
  if (<meta name=" isin %ytb2) {
    if (="title" content=" isin %ytb2) { 
      %ytb.title = $remove(%ytb2,<meta name="title" content=",">) 
      .timerYTB1 1 1 msg %c.ytb 1,0You0,4Tube15,1 Title: $replace(%ytb.title,&#39;,$chr(39),&quot;,$chr(34),&amp;,$chr(38)) $+ 
    if (="description" content=" isin %ytb2) { 
      %ytb.desc = $remove(%ytb2,<meta name="description" content=",">)
      .timerYTB2 1 2 msg %c.ytb 1,0You0,4Tube15,1 Info: $replace(%ytb.desc,&#39;,$chr(39),&quot;,$chr(34),&amp;,$chr(38)) $+ 
    if (%ytb.title) && (%ytb.desc) { sockclose ytb }


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N3M3S1S   -  Oct 14, 2012

@alimak96: If you don't think its useful then don't use the script and save comment space for those who do use it :P This script is intended for a IRC channel bot anyways.

@Everyone Else:

Sorry haven't been around lately, enjoying my year long coder vacation!

When vacation is over I will begin working on YouTube Script and the IRC Guard 5000 and releasing new versions of them at the beginning of my next coding year, which should be pretty soon, I've been itching to get back to coding, just taking a break to let the carpal tunnel wear off more.

Soon my lovlies soon.

wazer   -  Sep 06, 2012

Can we get an updated version?

Stewie1k94   -  Sep 06, 2012

Some people like to do it from mIRC... It's easier for some people!

alimak96   -  Sep 05, 2012

its useless , just go to youtube and search in the search box its not hard -_-

ShadowMan   -  Sep 04, 2012

To handle type url's, you can do a simple replace
I suppose you can do the same for https as well

N3M3S1S   -  Jul 31, 2012

Mod at your own risk, and mod as necessary. The https and links probably won't work since this script was made before youtube started using those.

Kilim   -  Jul 13, 2012

After using this for a while, people started posting https links and it wouldn't read it. Any little mod I can add to make it work?

N3M3S1S   -  Oct 02, 2011


Stewie1k94   -  Sep 29, 2011

lmao Jethro

Jethro   -  Sep 29, 2011

CrazyShady, that's a crazy thing to say. Hawkee is the nickname for the site admin. The word "rape" sounds pretty gay.

CrazyShady   -  Sep 28, 2011

I don't rape Hawkee lol so I probably won't know.

N3M3S1S   -  Sep 28, 2011

I will post it here when I do.

CrazyShady   -  Sep 27, 2011

Let me know when you do.

N3M3S1S   -  Sep 25, 2011

Thank you. On mine its been having a few issues with certain search info, i think its because youtube has updated since i wrote this, but I plan on making a better version eventually :P

CrazyShady   -  Sep 05, 2011

Very nice N3M3S1S. I like the search part of this script. It comes in very handy sometimes. Very nice work.

Stewie1k94   -  Jul 20, 2011

Just wondering if i could get it to tell me who it was uploaded by when i post a youtube link

N3M3S1S   -  Jul 05, 2011

Okay noted, I will look into that as well.

Sonic7   -  Jul 03, 2011

cool :D

I notice that if you time something like (for example): test the script does not detect the link also sometimes if it is: "example example" it does not work

N3M3S1S   -  Jul 02, 2011

Yes, I can look into it. I am busy with WORK WORK WORK lol, but I am formulating a new version of this script :D

Sonic7   -  Jun 30, 2011

Hello can you add the ability to report youtube views?

H0LLYWOOD   -  Jun 22, 2011

would it be possible to make it at least display some of this information?
[YouTube] Title: Vince Carter Top 10 In Your Face Dunks | Uploaded: 10/05/07 by yelistener | Length: 2:50 | Views: 712,361

or would anyone know where i could locate a working YouTube detector script. thanks
looks good tho N3M3S1S, glad to know ppl are still trying on this topic

N3M3S1S   -  Jun 22, 2011

Been busy, sorry I have a lot to deal with right now IRL, all I do is work work work! Don't worry I have been working on a new version.

Stewie1k94   -  Jun 17, 2011

i dont seem to be getting any response to this script anymore any reason why?

Stewie1k94   -  Jun 15, 2011

[10:54am] <04~toclafane>
[10:54am] <03&thunderbolt> 4toclafane 10is currently watching4 Geese on I-90

N3M3S1S   -  Jun 15, 2011

Manually altering the code would remove that.

Hmm that is strange, it must not be returning the correct information.

YouTube recently added to their servers so now instead of just it also have so any links that have instead of may cause problems.

I will make a new version soon.

KilllerX   -  Jun 07, 2011

Kinda Broken for me...

when I do a !Youtube (whatever)

It gives me the first link to the search that youtube would give... but the Video Links aren't working...

It goes

Killlerx: !youtube test
Killlerx: YouTubeSearch - About 1,940,000 results -
Killlerx: YouTube

Killlerx: YouTube

Killlerx: YouTube MOTORVISION TEST 4Link15

Killlerx: YouTube

Note it appears fine on mIRC but the server it is connected to the IRC they are using (with the video cast) it isn't working. Is there a way to take out the top 4 video's appearing?

Stewie1k94   -  Jun 05, 2011

@kaoporrex i think ur english is fine

N3M3S1S   -  Jun 04, 2011

Don't know about 7.19, made this with 6.35, I will have to update and see...

kaoporrex   -  Jun 02, 2011

Ehmm dunno but with mirc 7.19 , charging the code at youtube.mrc .... !youtube Iron maiden ...and doesnt work. Idea?

This url doesnt work

¿¿?? Sorry for my poor english

N3M3S1S   -  May 29, 2011

Thank you Jethro_ for helping with that. I have been very busy lately (with work and now running a ebay store!) so I have little time for anything but WORK :(

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