Estimated time for brute forcing.

By [Plornt] on Sep 19, 2010

Just a short snippet again, appollogies for the colour in it if you are using a white BG (Switch to black, its better >.>)

What this does is uses the calculation from and tells you how long (in generall) it would take someone to brute force your password. This is just the rough estimate if the brute forcer was using a desktop pc. At the moment it it only uses 15 of the symbols as in all honesty there would be WAY too many to calculate. One last thing is it DOES NOT send the text to the room so you shoud be safe putting in your current password, if you dont trust it use it in the status window :p

Also again thanks to for there formula/calculation.

on *:INPUT:*:{
  if (.pass == $1) {
    if ($2) {
      var %poss
      if ($regex($2,/[a-z]/)) %poss = %poss + 26
      if ($regex($2,/[A-Z]/)) %poss = %poss + 26
      if ($regex($2,/[0-9]/)) %poss = %poss + 10
      var %chars /[!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,?,_,~,-,(,),£,>,<]/
      if ($regex($2,%chars)) %poss = %poss + 15
      echo -tlbm 03>>15,Password Cracker03>>09 It would take3 $duration($calc((%poss ^ $len($2)) / 10000000)) 09to crack your password of3 $2 $+ 9.


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Snip3KitTy   -  Sep 20, 2010


[Plornt]   -  Sep 19, 2010

.pass password

Snip3KitTy   -  Sep 19, 2010

what is the comman to use this?

[Plornt]   -  Sep 19, 2010

Thanks :) (Accidentally deleted my last comment)

This is just a rough estimate and should be taken as the "Shortest possible time" since it depends what character set you are using.

Cheiron   -  Sep 19, 2010

very nice script there and works well. good job :)

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