naruto's channel ident system

By naruto on Feb 28, 2005

download from:
im sorry that im publish it like that. but in you got 2 system's
one by $nick and one by $address , im suggest use $address system,
enjoy you all!.


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x1L22   -  Nov 24, 2009

[ !delete Nick ] How can we do ?

naruto   -  Mar 02, 2005
naruto   -  Mar 02, 2005


naruto   -  Mar 02, 2005

im sorry, you write im designed and coded the script again it will take me 1 day.

TENb`   -  Mar 01, 2005

It still don\'t work You can\'t juse !add10

naruto   -  Mar 01, 2005

ok, first !cpass only can use an 10 level nick. fix it!. do !add10

StonedStoner   -  Feb 28, 2005

in !cpass cant anyone change anybody\'s pass?

DarthReven   -  Feb 28, 2005

you many want to look into using ini files for storage

Bql   -  Feb 28, 2005

how to set a operator?

naruto   -  Feb 28, 2005


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