Whois Theme

By SimplicityX on Aug 29, 2010

I abused $chr to a very high extent and made a /WHOIS theme. I was going to make a complete theme out of it, but got pretty bored..Love it or hate it, whatever. It looks best on a black background and not all possible WHOIS raw's are covered.

alias C1 { return $+($chr(3),11,$$1-,$chr(3)) }
alias C2 { return $+($chr(3),10,$$1-,$chr(3)) }
alias C3 { return $+($chr(3),09,$$1-,$chr(3)) }

raw 301:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Away),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($3-),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 307:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2($2),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1(is using a registered nick.),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 310:*:{ halt }
raw 311:*:{
  echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Nickname),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($2),$C3($chr(41)))
  echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Address),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($3),$C3(@),$C1($4),$C3($chr(41)))
  echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Real Name),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($6-),$C3($chr(41)))
raw 312:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Server/Network),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($3-),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 313:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Network Position),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($5-),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 317:*:{
  echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Signed on),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($asctime($4,dddd dd/mm/yyyy h:nn:ss tt)),$C3($chr(41)))
  echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Time Idle),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($duration($3)),$C3($chr(41)))
  echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Time Online),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($duration($calc($ctime - $4))),$C3($chr(41)))
raw 318:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(End),$chr(32),$C3(of),$chr(32),$C1(/whois),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 319:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Channels),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($replace($3-,~,9~11,&,9&11,@,9@11,%,9%11,+,9+11))),$C3($chr(41)) | halt }
raw 330:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Logged In As),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($2),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 378:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Connected From),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($6-),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 379:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2(Modes),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($6-),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 401:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2($2),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1($3-),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }
raw 671:*:{ echo -at $+($C3($chr(40)),$C2($2),$C3(:),$chr(32),$C1(is using a secure connection.),$C3($chr(41))) | halt }


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SimplicityX   -  Aug 30, 2010

I use 7.1 and size 9 Arial for my font. Uhm..


Grant-   -  Aug 30, 2010

You should take a picture of it! That way we'll know what it looks like, also, take into account that some ASCII characters are 'different' on 7.x and <=6.35 :p Also, what font do you use? What color background?
No real reason but here's my own:

WorldDMT   -  Aug 30, 2010

u can use $numeric and regroup all in one

Jamiie   -  Aug 30, 2010

@Simplicity Exactly what I'm trying to do..

SimplicityX   -  Aug 29, 2010

Have fun understanding my ugly code.

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