Bot quiz script

By Shinypant5 on Feb 13, 2004

This is a fairly simple quiz script that I made in about an hour, If you use it in a script I would like some credit. Just put this in the remotes section of your bot, and type !quiz, to add questions, pm the bot and type !addq and !adda that will qive answers and questions. This has been thouroghly tested, infact, I'm using it now. :D have fun.


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KilllerX   -  Sep 02, 2011

I noticed that too. You need to make it also that if it doesn't have the %quiz.

But something else. I am wanting to know. How would I go about editing this. So that it doesn't just end, the "quiz" after 1 question. How can I make it go... 3 or 4 quesions. or until set to !quiz off.

Edit to it. So that when I type !quiz 4 it does 4 questions, when I do !quiz number it does that number. otherwise !quiz goes till all questions were asked. and !Quiz on/off can turn it on and off.

Another thing. is giving hints. on Minute 1 and 2, then it tells on 3 and moves on to the next question.

Memoli   -  Sep 28, 2010

Very gooooooooood

but !quiz cmd is not working

i type !quiz it says There is already a quiz going on. but there is no quiz game on :S

help me pls i search this script since days


EDIT: code fixed

nyfi   -  May 05, 2007

how are you meant to add nicks that can use the addQ & A?
can you use if ($nick == \"yournick\") {

myzG   -  Apr 05, 2007

i Dont get it work shoud you do something with the script or what?

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Jun 04, 2005

i changed all the timers to wat cradle of filth said which i would of said so

change /timer1 off change it to /timers off and u don\'t need the rest of the timers

CRadle_of_filth   -  May 26, 2004

besides using like /timer 3 off, you can do all with /timers off

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