Cool Ban+Kick For Bot

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Aug 22, 2010
Updated  Aug 22, 2010
This is snippet for bot ... meybe have a bugs ...meybe no xD
using !cool <nick> For activation snippet xD on *:text:!cool*:#: {
if ( $2 ison #) && ( $me isop #) || ( $me ishop #)
set %coolnick $2 $+ `
/nick %coolnick
ban # $2 | /timer 1 2 kick # $2 Oh no you baned your self?
unset %coolnick
/nick Botnick | /identify Password if is botnick registred


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DarkGamer120   -  Sep 05, 2010
if you can spell Banned right, o.o
MagicRevealer09   -  Aug 30, 2010
Not to be a troll or anything, but GAY! What's the point in this script? Useless if you ask me...
jackster35-1   -  Aug 25, 2010
Oh yeah, I didn't notice it kicked the nick using it xD
napa182   -  Aug 24, 2010
jackster35-1 why add all the unnecessary on load event an alias?
why do you have it kick the nick that triggers the snippet?
and no need to use any vars...
jackster35-1   -  Aug 24, 2010
Well, you should try and make this a bit more better by putting brackets.
Heres what I'd do to the script:


That would suit my bot :)
ZirixZero   -  Aug 24, 2010
What is the point of this?
Jethro   -  Aug 24, 2010
[jonathan], are you speaking some sort of Ewoks language from Star Wars?
[jonathan]   -  Aug 23, 2010
what the hol is this ! ( futkih mararah ki dechosh re beh eidah.. chudhiyah lhaal khoriyah diboh reh beh ) :P
SunnyD   -  Aug 22, 2010
Come on man.. :/ i dont even see a closing bracket, if there is one you hid it well
napa182   -  Aug 22, 2010
wtf is this about anyway??? makes no sense...

but i guess you could clean it up some..

Still this code just makes no sense...
Jethro   -  Aug 22, 2010
Why did you even submit this in the first place? What is so cool about it?
Arch3r   -  Aug 22, 2010
If have a bugs i will try fix it xD
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