PM Accept/Deny Script

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Aug 21, 2010
Updated  Aug 21, 2010
A simple script that pops up a dialog when someone tries to PM you.
Just paste into remotes. on *:OPEN:?: {
set %pmnick $nick
dialog -m PM PM
/msg %pmnick Please wait while I accept/deny your request to PM. This may take a few mins as I am sometimes doing other things.
/close -m $nick

dialog PM {
title "You Have A PM!"
size -1 -1 225 50
text "Do You Want To Accept Or Deny This PM?", 1,2 2 250 20
button "ACCEPT", 2, 20 20 70 20
button "DENY", 3, 120 20 70 20

/dialog -x PM PM
/query %pmnick PM Accepted!

/dialog -x PM PM
/msg %pmnick I am sorry %pmnick $+ . I have chosen to deny your PM. If you continue to try to PM me I will /ignore you. Have a nice day!


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[jonathan]   -  Aug 23, 2010
doesnt work at all to me :( { aputkz jinis banaiseh harunbasir polah )
Grant-   -  Aug 22, 2010
If you're going to use dialog -x in both if statements, why both? and if you have the target as 2,3 - you don't really need a if/if, if/else would be fine.. and you never need to use / in remotes...
GrimReaper   -  Aug 21, 2010
Hey Aplive, Where you have

You could make it into one on *:DIALOG: event.

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